Cold Soil Drifters
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Delivering a late 19th century folk stomp of strings and snares. “Extract the ancient song and spir
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Cold Soil Drifters, who play music drawn from the red clay of central New Jersey, is a central Jersey consortium of veteran musicians who came together in 2022 to create a unique musical experience. They quickly arranged and released their first album of original music, Shanks Pony, in the spring of 2023 to critical acclaim and have been honing their live show at various parties and fundraisers mixing in a few choice and rare covers with the original music.
The genesis of the band began with a vision of longtime local singer/songwriter/guitarist Bump Yuchmow who was then joined by Danny Coffey (The Shaxe, The Fletchers) on guitar and vocals, Brian Quinn (The Shaxe) on lap steel, mandolin, harmonica, and vocals, Ryan Thornton (Chris Harford, RANA) on drums and vocals, and Matt Kohut (Chris Harford, formerly of Ween) on bass. Their music has been described as rooted in bluegrass with elements of calypso, funk, “psycho-billy” and even gospel, which has made for a musical stew like no other on the scene currently.
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Nov 25 8 PM · Jamey's House of Music

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