Blue Kaiju
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Blue Kaiju is an up-and-coming rock/metal band hailing from the heart of Oklahoma.

Our new single, Out for Blood, now has a music video available on YouTube! With so much effort and time spent on this project, there are so many people we have to thank.
Attila Gyula Balázs
You had a vision to produce this incredible video and you flawlessly executed it. Your skill set is unmatched. The professionalism you exude equally stand alongside a singularly unique individual who also happens to have immense “chill factor”. We had no idea what to expect or how we could step up to the plate in meeting your expectations. You gave each of us courage and laughter and hope. What an honor it has been to work with you. 🥂 Cheers, to future collaborations. You will forevermore be our favorite Renaissance Man!
Zachary Ryan Sullivan
You gave us the perfect inspiration for such a sensitive concept. The energy you placed in this track is undeniable. We are eternally grateful for your craft and the ability to work with you as we navigate uncharted terrain. Thank you!
Dollhouse Okc
A better location could not be found. Thank you for allowing us to utilize your location for the shoot. What a cool venue. The ambiance and patrons were such a bonus to the set. We are so grateful! When considering your next venue event for adults, we hope you can consider The Dollhouse in OKC. Misty was wonderful to work with and the atmosphere of her nightclub surpasses them all.
Nicole Moan - Ceramic Corset
You took us all by storm, Nicole. Through you we were introduced into a world that fascinates the masses. Your art is an inspiration for all who witness. Allowing us to participate is such an extraordinary gift. Thank you.
Luis Escalera
The Man. The Myth. The Legend. In all the time we have known you, you have never once let us down. You take a product and evolve it into a masterpiece every single time. You ARE a wizard.
Carlie Oakenshield Frances Maynor Noble Diven Kara Dyer Steven Spottedbird
Without your support, we could not have done this. From cuddle puddles, to outrageously funny jokes, finding eyelashes and actors, rotating and securing drinks, to the endless and thankless tasks of what it means to love a musician… thank you. You help us be brave and help us show up. The real heroes behind the music, Our Family.
Devin Hite
To play the leading role in any film is such a huge task. You are the antagonist in this extremely vulnerable film that briefly touches the sensitive subject of domestic violence. It isn’t just simply that you are a phenomenal actor, it is that you are an incredible person, too. You were a safe person enmeshed in a world where you also had to simultaneously be a villain. Remarkable. So much healing happened in the making of this video for us all. Your strength and gentleness- priceless. This you did without question. This you knew, on instinct, that those scenes were more than just reenacting an idea. There is power in that kind of healing. There is light that hold no words. We did this together and there isn’t enough gratitude out there to accurately say how thankful we are. Only you could have been both hero and villain in these moments. Thank you.
To our fans and supporters, thank you! We can’t get heard or move forward without you. We are eternally grateful for all the love. What a wild ride. We are all looking forward to seeing where the future takes us. We will make you proud!

There will always be another song to be written. Someone will write it. Why not you?