THE OTHER HIT is a Minneapolis-based band formed in 2014 that takes its cues from radio playlists of the 1970s. Their 2022 debut album DIEGO consists of 10 original tracks reflecting that influence. 1970s' Top 40 radio was a tapestry of bubblegum pop, straight-up rock, soul music, cross-over country, and acoustic-based singer-songwriter fare. Those transistor radio-era sounds echo through The Other Hit's first album.
The Other Hit is Pat Courtemanche (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Linda Haus (bass), Carla Tollefsrud (vocals), and Jim Tollefsrud (vocals, keyboards). The 2022 release of remixes of "I Don't Live in Colorado (Anymore)" and "Up on the Street (Swede Hollow)" feature the drumming of Harry C. Wilkinson Jr. - drummer on the 70s era smash "Wildfire".

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