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Hey all,

The Commonwealth is getting together 54 musicians from the 54 Commonwealth countries in a virtual performance, but have yet to find a musician from Tonga.

The Secretariat is inviting applications from all Commonwealth citizens to represent their country in a mass musical and cultural performance.
The ‘Uniting the Commonwealth through music during COVID-19’ project is a never-before-attempted musical feat to combine the voices of 54 musicians from the 54 member countries in one powerful virtual performance.
Delivered in partnership with a professional music group, Dionysus Ensemble, the project will demonstrate the power of music and art to lift spirits, improve mental health and encourage international camaraderie, as countries face up to the challenges of the pandemic.

Link : Applications need to be in by the 25th October.

Please share and repost the link if you can. Thanks.

cheers, niteshift

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