When I read your post, I had to look to see if it was written by me. I stopped writing about 6 years ago because I allowed the fear to consume me. At that point, I'd been writing for literally 46 years. I can't even tell you the opportunities I had that I couldn't take because of the fear. About 6 months ago I got out one of my songs and decided to create a video to go with it. Within weeks on YouTube I had almost 5000 people listen and love the song. This was my wakeup call! I knew they all couldn't be wrong, right?? Since then I wrote a song called "Try" My anthem song not to let fear stand in my way. I'm 65 years old, this is or could be my final chapter, my last chance. I decided I was going to do everything in my power to make a go at this business. Less than a month after demoing "Try" I'm getting my first cut by a major recording star in Nashville! I'm on cloud 9999... Give this song a listen and let it be your anthem song too. God is good and so is life at 65!