Hi I am looking to collaborate. I need a someone with a female celtic voice for If I Had Fairy Wings. And also someone that could compose music for the lyrics written by Caroline Holder and myself.
This is a project really. I would like to make a children's story book to go along with the song, the words of the song being the words to the book.
I think it would be really beautiful! Any artists on here?? I can see the fairy on the flower and by the water etc.
As for the melody I would like it to be similar to the first version but correcting a few spots where there is pausing and maybe changing it in parts. Plus having a flute, harp, or magical (fairy) chimes in the background. I am not a musician but I do have a good idea of what it needs to sound like.
If anyone is interested in joining this project, please let me know.

Jacqueline Richter
Mommy, wife, and songwriter