So, I'm here in Tallahassee, Florida and there isn't a chapter anywhere close to me, that I can find. How does this chapter thing work?

I know that NASI has a chapter here. The problem with that is these people are only about MONSTER HIT SONGS. Americana music, to me is about substance not packaging an image, regurgitating the same vapid reflex to the hit machine...

Hey, nothing negative about hit songs. It's like you want a turkey sandwich. Not a big deal. BUT the turkey at the deli is a bit more tasty than the pre-packaged, way to salty turkey slices off the shelf. I don't know, maybe they're both as nutritious, but that deli meat just tastes more rich and succulent.

How does a chapter find it's way to where I am?

The sad fact is, we now Live in a Reality that demands you believe in the security of fantasy. - MacIain