Last night JPF did their stop in the 'burgh at the Shadow Lounge.
There were about 2 hours of songs to be heard with many different themes and genres. What I found to be amazing was the mutual respect everyone displayed for each other. I don't know why that amazed me-but it did. All music was appreciated. People stepped out of their "genre" world and offered appreciation to one another for their efforts. I guess, regardless of the music, we can all understand the love and work that it takes to make a song. And, for me, it offered an opportunity to hear songs that I probably wouldn't have heard.
I was inspired by some, mesmorized by others, but loved them all!

It is correct on the networking. Everyone was open to one another and people were constantly mingling. The "groups" were constantly changing.

This is a really cool thing. And, even if you don't have a song to perform, please consider attendance in a city near you. It is truly a good time.

And, thank you Brian and the Shadow Lounge. Brian truly is a hardworker at these things after driving for hours! It's a shame he just can't sit down, relax, and JUST enjoy the show!

Well done everyone! I applaud you once again! Brian-I know your tired-so PLEASE stay seated!