Hi everyone,

Here's a challenge for all of you:

Let's share some great resources in our local area with each other.

Know of any great clubs that like original music?
Any radio people friendly to indies?
Websites that are great places for local musicians to check out?
News people that review local music?
Good studios or instructors?
anything else?

Let's start sharing some of our knowlege:

Here are a couple of great resources I know about:


WPXC, Pixy 103 on Cape Cod has a local music program called Homegrown every Sunday night hosted by Suzanne Tonaire (most genres accepted, although rockier stuff is more their style). Just check out their website for submission details. And tell Suzanne you heard about it from JPF, she's a member.


Jolie runs a great website for local musicians to check out. Good forums to find a new band member, or ask about a local club etc. Watch the business advice on this site though. Better to come to JPF with a real question.

The state cultural council has just started a website that is aiming to match performers and artists with presenters and communities looking for their services. Great idea. I've seen people try to do this on a commercial level with no luck, but since it's a state site and doesn't have to turn a profit, it just might work.... I recommend everyone registering and giving them a fair shake to make this work...could be cool.

ok... your turn....

Christine Mascott
formerly just Christine
vocalist/graphic design/web hosting and design