Song Circle + Song Workshop
Tuesday March 1, 7pm
The new Putney Library

Songwriting is a gift
Songwriting is a passion
Songwriting is an art
Songwriting is a craft

Bring in your finished or unfinished original songs
Play them for other songwriters and get feedback

What’s working? What needs more work? Are you communicating what you are trying to communicate in your song?

~A song
~An open mind
~Willingness to listen to and give feedback
~Desire to develop and improve your songcraft

Workshop/Circle starts at 7pm

Please be aware that this is not an open mic. It is not a place for you to come and perform your songs and leave. It is a space
for songwriters who are dedicated to the process of writing to come and learn from each other and improve their craft. It is also
a place to discuss and learn about the music business and to meet new co-writers. This Workshop/circle will meet the first Tues
of each month for as long as there is interest. I've already heard from some of you who would like to come. If you haven't yet
done so, please let me know if you would like to participate so I can get some idea of how many people will be there.

Dedicated to the process
Facilitated by Derrik Jordan (southern VT coordinator for Just Plain Folks) (802)387-4050