Free Peoples & Lantz Lazwell and the Vibe Tribe, at Cypress Reno.

$12 Door

Lantz Lazwell & The Vibe Tribe is a larger then life figure, part guitar hero, part soul brother comic book character- Audiences have no choice but to throw caution to the wind as they lead you thru a multi-layered, poly textural labyrinth of funky, bluesy rock n roll. Now armed w/ horn section, and Jenes Carter (of Mojo Green) also on vocals - this band is lit to pop, and ready explode w funky grooves that will keep you in the floor all night. New Album coming this summer feat. George Clinton, Stephen Perkins (Janes Addiction), and other members of Parliament Funkadelic!

Free Peoples

Free Peoples began as a band in an Oakland, California studio in 1999. It was there that singer/guitarist Tim Sawyer and bassist/singer Michael DiPirro met. They immediately connected on a deep musical level and began composing songs. Soon after, guitarist/vocalist Johnny Downer joined. The trio began working on their self-titled album that would be released in 2001. A year or so later drums were added to the ensemble to accommodate larger venues. The band recorded two more studio albums between 2002-2005 and two live albums between 2007- present.

Open Mic with Ceni´╗┐
Live Music Venue
Every Tuesday night from 6:30pm - 9pm, I host the Open Mic at the HopMonk Tavern in the Abbey. 1) signup by email at 3pm on Tuesday 2) if you get a confirmation (by 5:30) with a time, show up early, have fun.

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