There is two of you
Cold as I may seem to be
Color your hair once again
FYI, this isnít supposed to rhyme
Friend of mine for $375
A picture is worth a thousand words
Water in a champagne glass
Brown to blonde and stirred
Barely the facts my love
You really donít want to know me
Or youíd write of your day today
Maybe Iíve learned bad luck comes
When I spill my guts anyways
Ya Iím wearing your birthstone
I would have put yours in the mail
Am I supposed to hack your adress?
For our love to prevail?
Anger the love machine
Some part I rarely use
Well, beba ba lupa
You lit my fuse
I could walk away
And forget you someday
But Iím tired of that road
Hey elverna, elf earn-a living
Without me blowing the load
You call beba-ba-lupa
Iíll show you no creed no code
North and south of the river
Boss mans got a plan for almost a year
Gonna get a rise out of twentieth deja-vu a year
Paradise from the bones of the dead
Gonna make me blush come award time
Aterido and Emmy no fear no dread
CNNín who am I talking to, I was at Shawsí Mr. Buffet
You ainít no Uncle Jimmy to me
But he ate the world to get us in the middle
Gonna make Angel the Adam bigger than an evil Ant you believe
Iím sitting here, typing, just the last few hours news
This is a crypto current much preferred
Come on luv, donít look back, let me do that
Heck Iím doing that now, shaken and stirred
Gonna get permission to walk around the block
And those cats named for two crooks we all know
The outlaw cops did blow, ho ho ho
Beba-la-lupa, come one donít be diseleverrnaíd
Just what does that mean true color me plea
When you color your hair twisted lemony ice tea
Good, I always knew, but thatís your soul sista
Did you really know, the sox are red and money is tight
So much to reap and sow you are honest, mindful lies
Ho de ho ho ho
Oh itís good
Steal away my sentence, at the click of a mouse
Ainít coming back, so I say it somehow
Truth dig it! By William Mahler...lil while ago

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