Mahlers Online: Saturday, April 3, 2021

“A Good Hard Rain” (4-3-21)

As of March 29, 2021, all proceeds from sales of both "Outshining The Sun" & "Sunshine Bubbly" from , & will go directly to the international child relief nonprofit organization,

About William...:-)

William is a classically trained singer - songwriter since childhood, born November 21, 1967 in Massachusetts, a Cape Cod native. He is also a sector cell terrorism expert, starting in summer 1984, age 16 & 16 years precognitively and prescient of September 11, 2001 with two CIA backed and trained former in-laws Janet & Chris Morris of M2 Technologies Inc. The three of them and their book, "The 40 Minute War'" aptly and descriptively tells of September 11, 2001, written and released publicly July - August 1984. After Osama Bin Laden survived an assassination attempt by President Clinton in Africa, Janet & Chris hand delivered "The 40 Minute War" to Bin Laden, thus his evil choice for using jets. Why? The cover of “The 40 Minute War” versions one and three involve a passenger jet approx. 100 yards away and in tilt to crash the DC capital building. Congress itself under a blood red sky with a nuclear warhead, rumored to be Flight 93 itself and cause for the recent January hijack threat pre-inauguration 2021 of the same building. William single handedly led investigators to an Iranian cultural group, where as a trained heat seeker that he is, had been reading and posting into weeks ahead of time. President George Bush reached out to William, at home and at work too, summer 2003 and former Vice President Joe Biden came to Hyannis, early spring 2017 for William, alone. The lead terrorists had spent weeks at the now defunct Mahlers.Com and from the early evening of the 10th to sunup the 11th, William was online with all 20 terrorists within internet relay chat.

As of March 3, 2021, William ventured out on his own, a private contractor. He had enough of the back-stabbing outlaw police led by Kevin Shaw of Barnstable Police, of whom blindsided William with a hijack bomb threat, April 2017. If not for the lie of Shaw, of video evidence, of which witnesses proved otherwise, William would’ve been facing up to 20 years in state custody. As a result, William was detained in the reformed Bridgewater State Hospital, literally threatened with an ultimatum, either admit your ill or we will find you incompetent and that you committed the crime reality. Is he incompetent? You decide. For a fact, without drugging, although ordered civilly in 2001, William created the one piece of musical evidence, two full weeks ahead of time that is so compelling, only a sane, non-ill person san of drugs could actually do. “Prelude To September 11, 2001 - Leonda (I’m Coming Home)”. Throughout the song, until the very last five words, “I’m coming home” annunciated as the shape of flight 93, “to you” the last few moments, in listeners digest form until its thunderous end and an audience of whom including William was not fully aware of the events of the oncoming weeks. However, the spirit of soul, Williams vision of Saddam Hussein, the only vision during the performance, when the song is played backwards, the words “I saw Saddam” in English is heard while a Arabic sounding language is constant start to finish. No one online has debated William at all about the legitimacy of the song nor the need for drugs in his body at all. Do you not want an early warning system in the form of music? Judge and take note, for William has had enough of psychiatric abuse as of this writing and as Jesus did, William is cleaning house and throwing out the bankers, flipping tables as only God intends. For a fact, God was Williams roommate in Corrigan State Hospital from September 11, 2001 for a full seven days, in only seven days.

William recorded "Outshining The Sun" from August 29, 2001 - December 24, 2004. Almost 90% of the music is a what key? G?, press record and go. "Prelude To September 11, 2001 - Leonda (I'm Coming Home)", "No Highway”, "Living Lies (Headed To Louisiana)", "Merry Christmas To You" and "What Do You Know" speak weeks to days ahead of national to worldwide events, again, ahead of time. William's favorite book series is "Narnia", (The Lion, Witch & Wardrobe). Regarding music & terrorism, it's as if he and his partners lived for days to decades in the matter of minutes to seconds, similar to the C. S. Lewis multi part literary masterpieces, "Narnia". Currently, in the same genre style of “Outshining The Sun.” William has recorded in March of 2021 and released “Sunshine Bubbly” a 17-song stripped-down full-length release with the title track, “A Good Hard Rain” (4-3-21), “Xyst” (Black lives do indeed matter), "Guarantee" aka “Sydney Rose” (End domestic violence), "Tales", "Rags", "Harmaniacality" (instrumental), "Let Me Show You", “Something About Tomorrow”, “New York” and “Heartstrings Of Heaven” (for Bangladesh & Myanmar). Along with many redone covers from John Prine “I Remember Everything”, Melissa Etheridge “You Can Sleep While I Drive”, Queen “Father To Son”, Kiss ˜Don’t You Let Me Down”, Chantal Kreviazuk “Waiting For The Sun” and Ace Frehley “What A Girl Wants". The album, a digital release is raw in sound, unpolished as he intended it involving a harmonica, window screen and his voice. The slow burn early release version of “Sunshine Bubbly” the single saw well over 1300 streams in a few short weeks. As of the 3rd of April, the literal gloom and doom of significant 4-3-21 came to light when in Hyannis, a man driving a truck similar to Williams friend and looking similar to Williams friend, with only front rims on Bearse’s Way, pulled into a condominium complex and parked his truck and hid. Eventually, three vehicles were burned to a crisp and put out by “A Good Hard Rain” of Barnstable Fire & Rescue, pre-dawn within the apartment complex of Williams near life-long friend and drummer, Terry. As of this typing, HyannisNews.Com has yet to establish the driver’s identity. The 4th month, 3rd day of the 21st century. To you maybe nothing more than a flicker of madness in the world, to me, the onslaught of insanity here in America straight in the heart of JFK center of it all Cape Cod, my home.

After 18 years with ASCAP, BMI became his rights org, late 2020. Musicality Music International Publishing Company (current) and W. K. Mahler Music Publishing Company, (2003 - 2020) are both to his credit. Recently, William has worked with industry go to man Brad Murphy and also been working with MERF Music Group / Song Placement Pros, responsible for ACM & Grammy winning collaborations and of Nashville, Tennessee. Janet & Chris Morris, Queen & Paul Rodgers, Bruce Springsteen, Blackmore's Night, Melissa Etheridge, U2, and Adele can say William is a ghost composer for all of them. Mental health holistic care and patient rights in conjunction with PsychRights.Org, MadInAmerica.Com, MindFreedom.Org & Ban Court Ordered Medicine And Psychiatry BANCOMAP.Com, landscaping, culinary arts and more make up his other life, while he is an agent for a leading modeling business the patron friendly adult website, This Years Model. International adult model, musician and friend Mila Azul has worked with William, helping him come to terms with 09/11/01, The awakening nightmare September 10, 2001 lived in real time, Narnian science in its most beautifully evil form. Learning what had otherwise been kept quiet, pre-knowledge from the public, save to Janet, Chris & their niece, Williams ex, Leonda Emmerich along with the elite top-level government leaders worldwide, unsaid by Williams lips in type or voice to anyone. The emotions and thoughts of Williams mind summer 2001 and his relationships with family, friends and the public ‘round the world to Mila, during the course of several hours online, a true sense of psychotherapy. Mila graces the cover of "Sunshine Bubbly". Williams family consists of law enforcement, specializing in modernized warfare, digital investigations, child advocacy, automotive & petroleum industry, fishing industry, financial investing, trucking industry, construction industry, health care, newspaper journalism and real estate rentals and sales. William has decided to donate all sales of both Outshining The Sun” & “Sunshine Bubbly” digital albums and singles to victims of violence worldwide by way of UNICEF in conjunction with domestic violence victim turned advocate @ellipsi_music and the Roman Catholic Church leader himself, Pope Francis, sales directly from their own designs. Iranian leader Ayatollah Khamenei and William have conferred via Twitter more than once. nAn electric version of select music from Williams catalog is his planning as well.

William is under a unfair one sided contract with the state of Massachusetts, keeping him, literally outside of the free world, consisting of work/living 24/7/365 in inhumane conditions and is currently working with an attorney to secure his permanent 100% freedom from non-criminal legalities. Williams true sole disability is being hard of hearing, to the degree that no hearing aid is going to replace his loss of volume and comprehension, until, Frequency Therapeutics of Cambridge, Massachusetts is finally granted FDA approval, literally and effectively ending near deafness to ½ billion worldwide estimated, the only leading company that close, leaving everyone at the starting line or at least a hundred yards out while FREQ is near the last turn. Hearing loss can be mistaken for poor mental health and can attribute to temporary depression. Mental health is essential for everyone without court ordered drugging, sanctioned pornography and locked door environments for more than two full weeks, short term. History shows without question, psychiatry is a common leading reason for the welfare mentality including revolving door hospitalizations and drug dependency. Housing not reproductive pausing or worse - ending Haldol. Heart full of hopes and dreams realized not heart killing Caplyta & maiming Geodon. Manic? Risperdal and any male age? Most rock back and forth and grow female sized breasts along with a 10+ hour per day sleep routine and most other activities become dormant, including sex. Abilify at 15 mg keep William from a full night’s rest, averaging 4 hours +/- with risk of insulin if the medication is upped by 5 mg’s. Currently, coincidence or not, Judge Brennan of the Taunton area, Williams ex-in-law Chris Morris once claimed Brennan was “in my pocket”. Brennan, another female judge by the same name did six months in prison, related or not, one wonders how legit Judge Brennan is in the mental health system.

Fast music, depressed? Slow poke deep music. Schizophrenic? The skit is a frenetic energy flowing musicality that shalt not adhere to human kinds insistence on music’s very core life and change, merely flow and adapt, with a soul stronger than kryptonite. William sees psychiatry as a means to effectively turn people into outcasts among society if not adhering to a do or die regiment of drugs that can and will end at least a decade of life, premature. William will continue to advocate through music, on his terms, not the watered-down Nazi mentality that is ever prevalent in central to eastern Massachusetts and throughout a majority of the United States. You’ll hear in Williams music, his escapisms into the life he misses, loves and he hopes you can find reason to take comfort and hope from personal and professional yingkarmayang experiences, both spoken in person and of course, a MP3 player near you. William is already working on the 3rd and final part of the Sun trilogy, with a gift by David Coverdale of Whitesnake, an album cover. Some of the songs from “Sunshine Bubbly” have taken the interest of legendary band Journey & Bruce Springsteen. Currently an involuntary in patient at Taunton State Hospital, a century old system and building of Massachusetts. IN complete visionary a way William could lead, his childhood friends, two fo them, are med nurses and work within the same unit William stays in. As of the 3rd of April, William learned, realized his nephews’ sister, is a mental health professional on staff in the same unit from time ro time. The two had not met since she was a toddler, almost twenty years ago. Williams involuntary re-commitment hearing is under appeal, at least 6 to 12 months away as the commitment ends, August, 2021. Please help not only William but countless Americans nationwide from the rampant slow bleed of the American spirit at the ruthless hands of a medical system that ought go through the pain and suffering millions have unnecessarily. William, currently single since 2008, has spent the last 21 years under cover, more so since the day former Vice President Joe Biden and William met, early April, 2017, possibilities.

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