I'll give it a go Noel.
I don't know the isolated thing is an issue on the net when you consider we do collabs all over trhe world.
From a purely Aussie point of view it would be good to have a network to work with, particularly when it is considered all bar SCALA competition in OZ are restricted to home grown entries. Well to my knowledge at least.
I would imagine a MS chat room where we could all go would be a good spot to start.
TWS has a chat attached to it but I find it very hard to follow due to its setup and the MS chat style has never given me a hasle. Altho I haven't been there for years, being kept way to occupied trying to keep up with first TWS and now JPF.
I came to the critique sites with the hope of finding composers to write to my music or vice versa and now find i am writing music to other peoples lyrics. I am not a composer by a long chalk but do come out with one every now and then when i see a lyric beging to be written to.
Lez karski ex Bondi Cigars told me to look further afield than Australia purely on a record sales point.
In OZ we need a hit to make an impact on the bank balance.
Rest of the world it just needs to be chart or near chart material to make noticable bread.
So. Any one else game to give it a fly?
I think there are only four Aussies in here at the moment so won't be a big chapter but if we work a chat with an appropriate name we may get some takers.
I suggest a invite only chat to keep as much of the trash MS chats seem to attract out.
Can't avoid it always but an invite or password site is pretty good.