I guess if it's my first video, I might as well play the first song I ever wrote.


Far Away

Feelin down,
kicking at a coke can on the ground.
Wonderin' why you're not still around,
it's what I say,
that sent you so far away.

Where's my heart?
I swear I had it from the start.
But somehow it was taken in the dark
where I used to pray,
now it's so far away.

Out of sorts
I'm outta touch
So far away
I dont see much
But scattered dreams,
and pieces of the truth.
My words are rough
my eyes are mean
but I've seen things
no child should see
and why I'm so far away from you.

Where's my soul?
I looked around
I dont know where it goes.
To a place my God only knows
Gotta pray today.
And pray hes not too far away.

And I dream
A time before my heart
was cold and mean.
And love was everywhere
or so it seemed but not today.
'Cause my heart is too far away.
My soul has drifted away.
My love is so far away.


Write on, Man,
Michael W. Brown, f.k.a. "bluesriff"

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."
Mahatma Gandhi