I just thought I would relate a story to you that just happened to me.

I used to live in Prescott Arizona and as a avid cemetery wanderer, I came across this small one that was next to the airport. There were graves on both sides of Ruger Rd. (yes the gun people). I was looking at all the small plaques, dirty and old, most were young people. But I came across a grave that was so out of place it took my breath away.

This is a paupers field where they buried mostly chinese miners and such. Surrounding this gravesite there were 4 poles with wire criss-crossed over the top and small toy planes were dangling over the top of the grave.. I thought to myself, who the heck took all this time to do this out here in the middle of nowhere.? Long story short, I did my research (no internet back than,

I actually had to go to city hall). Turns out it's the grave of 9 year old Daniel Keenan and I wrote a song about it. I even called his sister and she told me that the original planes had been stolen and she had to put others one up. She also told me they didn't know what was wrong with him, they thought it might have been polio because he had trouble walking. ........................
So .. my point in writing you is this.

I was taking this "idea" to a co-writer without showing him my lyrics to see how he would write about, and low and behold I found a website that actually still shows the picture of the gravesite and the plane is STILL THERE! I wrote to them, told them my story, and they asked if they could post my lyrics next to his section on the website.

Of course I said. yes!!!!

Just goes to show, you don't have to sell something to make songwriting worthwhile.
Here is the website, scroll down about 1/4 way through and you will see the posting.

Kay-lynn Carew


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