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The Seeds Would Grow
by beechnut79. 09/08/21 12:14 PM
The Winner
by beechnut79. 09/08/21 12:14 PM
Envious Heart
by beechnut79. 09/08/21 12:10 PM
The Voyager
by Gerry. 09/08/21 07:05 AM
"Not Just A Melody.".
by JAPOV. 09/07/21 09:51 PM
This old dog
by beechnut79. 09/07/21 10:54 AM
How Fast Are You Going (When You're Standing Still
by beechnut79. 09/07/21 10:40 AM
Lazing in the Sun
by beechnut79. 09/07/21 10:35 AM
"I Need A Cadillac....Jack!"
by beechnut79. 09/07/21 10:33 AM
Pedal & Synth Expo Oct.2-3, 2021 Free, Outdoors
by Gary E. Andrews. 09/06/21 02:24 PM
Resource List (In Progress)
by Brian Austin Whitney. 09/06/21 12:40 AM
Blending Political Discourse, Conspiracy Theories,
by WilliamMahler. 09/05/21 09:49 PM
Eco-Heroes Contest, Artists, Lower Emissions
by Gary E. Andrews. 09/05/21 01:16 PM
"How Songs Get Cut" with Rand Bishop
by Gary E. Andrews. 09/04/21 08:54 PM
Rivers of Destiny
by Bill Draper. 09/04/21 07:59 PM
my recording set up
by Bill Draper. 09/04/21 06:00 PM
They Live On
by rpirone. 09/04/21 05:51 PM
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"We Had It All" guitar/vocal worktape demo MP3 Feedback Forum 04/24/14 04:03 AM
That Would Be Me full studio demo MP3 Feedback Forum 04/11/14 03:39 AM
Just wanted to share...my daughter covering "The Story" MP3 Feedback Forum 03/26/14 02:04 AM
Stay Here A While worktape by Fred Choate *UPDATED* MP3 Feedback Forum 02/25/14 01:56 AM
"Stay Here Awhile" by Fred Choate Lyric Feedback Forum 3 02/19/14 07:40 PM
That Would Be Me (WORKTAPE) MP3 Feedback Forum 02/14/14 08:11 AM
With this cold weather..... Visual Arts and Photography Forum 02/08/14 02:42 AM
Photo edits of mine Visual Arts and Photography Forum 02/05/14 04:17 AM
Hanging in My Mind....rough draft lyric Lyric Feedback Forum 3 02/05/14 12:03 AM
Some Things (Daddy Can't Fix) final demo MP3 Feedback Forum 01/30/14 07:17 AM
What Daddy Means To Me Lyric Feedback Forum 3 01/23/14 05:20 PM
Some Things Even Daddy Can't Fix (Worktape) MP3 Feedback Forum 01/22/14 11:15 PM
Some Things Even Daddy Can't Fix (Rewrite) Lyric Feedback Forum 3 01/22/14 01:28 AM
Somethings Even Daddy Can't Fix (work in progress) Lyric Feedback Forum 3 01/19/14 09:02 PM
I HATE THE WAY I LOVE IT MP3 Feedback Forum 01/14/14 12:20 AM
I Hate The Way I Love It Lyric Feedback Forum 3 01/12/14 04:57 PM
Leaving Livingston MP3 Feedback Forum 01/10/14 03:23 AM
Travel Safely! General Message Forum 11/27/13 03:36 AM
One More "One More Time" WORKTAPE by Fred Choate MP3 Feedback Forum 11/24/13 09:20 PM
Old Country Road picture video Music Video Feedback Forum 11/24/13 03:35 AM
One More "One More Time" by Fred Choate Lyric Feedback Forum 11/23/13 12:41 AM
Something Aint Right MP3 Feedback Forum 04/07/13 10:37 PM
80 Proof Reality redone as DUET MP3 Feedback Forum 03/19/13 01:18 AM
80 Proof Reality MP3 Feedback Forum 03/11/13 05:41 AM
NO SITTING DOWN TONIGHT by Fred Choate/Dave Undis MP3 Feedback Forum 01/26/13 06:36 PM
OLD COUNTRY ROAD (worktape) by Fred Choate/Dave Undis MP3 Feedback Forum 01/15/13 10:36 PM
"Why Did Love Make Me Angry" Worktape MP3 Feedback Forum 12/26/12 11:07 PM
Merry Christmas from Montana General Message Forum 12/25/12 04:26 PM
"Why Does Love Make You Angry" written by Fred Choate Lyric Feedback Forum 12/18/12 05:18 AM
Both Ends of a Candle (written by Fred Choate) MP3 Feedback Forum 12/09/12 06:12 PM
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