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Hi Folks,

We need a moderator for this message board. Your role would be the encourage discussion, post info of interest and respond to any needs or questions raised with help from myself and others. If you are interested in helping us increase participation and offer more info, resources and support to the artists and writers in this community, please let me know.


My day job keeps me on an odd schedule, but I'd be willing to talk about moderating. It doesn't appear that we have a lot of action on our board. I will send you an AOL email.

Resonator Ghost

You're correct that not much happens on the boards unless there are people movitated to make it happen. The Tampa board is the best cast example of a group really using it to create a community within the community. I think it's really up to you if you want to give it a go. There's no risk and we certainly can't lose if you try.

yeah, especially since this board includes an incredibly musical city, Charlottesville. Man there are some amazing bands/artists living there! Let's get them involved.
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