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Posted By: susanjoymusic A Personal Introduction - 05/16/05 12:52 AM
Hello All

I have been E-chatting with Anthony for some time now. It's about time I introduce myself to everyone:

SusanJoy Grieco
Singer Songwriter
Chill Folk Rock
Original Material, inspired covers
Bedminster, NJ
Debut CD "TurnAround" released 5-5-05
Musical Favs: Joni MItchell, Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan

Look forward to meeting and greeting on May 31st. I also look forward to hanging at the Dublin Pub, as I grew up in Mo-town. And let's face it, they have the best Burgers and Sweet Potatoe fries. I ate at the restaurant that inspired the BUffet tune "Cheesburger in PAradise", and it did not hold a candle to the Dublin's. (Sorry Jimmy ole pal! They did have great fried pickles.)

Be Well

SusanJoy Grieco
Singer Songwriter
Posted By: devospice Re: A Personal Introduction - 05/16/05 08:17 PM
Hello, and welcome aboard!

> Look forward to meeting and greeting on May 31st.

What's going on for the 31st? Are there any plans confirmed?

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