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Posted By: Gary E. Andrews OOOOOOO-Klahoma! - 05/01/20 09:24 PM
Hang in there! Hopefully we'll all be back in the world playin' music, listenin' to music, dancin' to music, soon!

And these venues and happenings will be open:
OKEMAH. (Cherokee for 'City On A Hill') Woody Guthrie Festival.
The Blue Door.
Performing Arts Center.

TULSA: All Soul's Acoustic Coffeehouse, 2962 S. Peoria. 918-743-2363.
Posted By: Gary E. Andrews Re: OOOOOOO-Klahoma! - 08/21/21 06:34 AM
Y'all can use this thread to talk to each other! Or tell us what's happening in your area!
Maybe you can get together, live or virtually, to create some music together.
And if you Register as a JPF Member you can post things and maybe get some feedback
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