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Posted By: Tony Whitehead Preliminary meeting - 04/19/05 08:16 AM
Ok folks, short notice, but here we go....

We will be meeting at Highlands Coffee on This Wednesday at 3:30 pm to discuss getting the Louisville Chapter in gear.
(Don't park on Bardstown road,you will be ticketed/towed after 4 pm !)
The address is 1140 Bardstown road, just south of Grinstead.
Not mandatory, but all are welcome !
Bring all questions/concerns/ideas you have.

Hope to see you there !

Tony Whitehead
Posted By: Raven Re: Preliminary meeting - 04/21/05 07:54 PM
Just letting you know I did get your email alerting me to this meeting. I have a lot on my plate the next 2 weeks (including last night [Linked Image] ) or I would have been down.

Keep me on the email list. I appreciate it.


Posted By: Tony Whitehead Re: Preliminary meeting - 04/26/05 05:45 AM
Hey Mikel, no biggie. We just discussed a few things, threw some ideas around, ect.

We are still a few members short for formal meetings but it will happen.

Will be in touch,

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