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Hi Folks,

We are working on launching Just Plain Folks Chapters in key geographic and populated areas around the US. We currently don't have a coordinator volunteer for this city and would love to hear from anyone who is interested in helping launch a chapter here. There is a detailed list of the requirements needed to be a coordinator as well as info on our philosophy on what the local chapters can do for your musician community. Please take a look at all this on our chapter page at this link:

If you are able to meet the requirements and interested in getting involved, please email us and let us know. Also, please post a note here. Ideally we'll have multiple people who want to help out, but the minimum requirements aren't difficult or time consuming and only require consistency and a true desire to help out.

We hope to visit all the active chapters in North America in 2005 or 2006 during our Roadtrips. This will include local showcases and inclusion in our documentary project, but we need to get everyone organized to get the ball rolling before we visit.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Brian Austin Whitney
Just Plain Folks
Posted By: sol17 Re: Coordinator and Members Wanted! - 02/04/05 08:15 PM
As I emailed, I am very interested in becoming the chapter coordinator for Louisville.

I'll see what kind of interest I can drum up among friends to get more Louisville members too.

Sol 17
emotionally charged
classic alternative rock
Posted By: Swagger Re: Coordinator and Members Wanted! - 02/07/05 08:25 AM
Melissa from Sol 17 brought this web site to my attention. What a great resource and idea! I'm glad you all are working on putting together a Louisville chapter. Melissa is a great person and has been an incredible help to the local music scene here in Louisville. I think she'd make an excellent chapter coordinator. And count me in as a member, and to help out in any way with the Louisville chapter!

Jeff - (Just another random drummer working on starting a band)

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Hello Folks, just a note to let you know I'll be meeting with Melissa, Wednesday 3/2, to discuss getting the Louisville chapter up and running. Anyone interested in joining, just let us know.

We'll keep you posted !

Hi Jeff, welcome to JPF !

Louisville area folks ! Where are you ?

We need members so we can start meeeting and networking ! I'm new to the game as well, so don't be shy !

Questions welcome ! Introduce yourself and let's do it !

Ok Folks, I'm in. I have been waiting for someone to start the ball-a rollin. let me know what I can do.

Hey Rob, Thanks for posting. Soon as we get a few more members we can have our first meeting. I've posted/handed out fliers galore encouraging folks to post and introduce themselves.

Melissa, if you see this call me, I've misplaced your number......

Posted By: SlaPPy PaPPy Re: Coordinator and Members Wanted! - 04/12/05 12:00 AM
Hello all. Wes from Louisville here. I found this link on Louisville Mojo. What a great idea! I'd love to help in any way I can.I'll be contacting my friends in the area to try and pump up the membership.It would be a blast to have the numbers required to hold some meetings.Nothing like a good old fashioned guitar pull to get the creative juices flowing!Let me know what else I can do.
Hey, It looks like it may be awhile untill we get enough local members to start a chapter, so here is an idea. Why cant we get together sometime and have a small group meeting to discuss how we could get more members to join. I have been here more than a year and it seems that not many local folks know about JPF. If we can get a small group together now, no doubt it would grow as word got out. In the meantime we could work together as a small group.
Any thoughts?

Hey Wes, I need to email you. I misplaced your #. I responded to your ad on mojo and was going to come out on sunday, but got called in to work.

Anyhow, I posted that ad on mojo, and glad to see you found us. This is a great site, best of it's kind on the web imo. Check out the entire site, good stuff [Linked Image]

I've spread fliers galore 'round town, and will be trying to find some members tonight at the BBC bluegrass jam.

You'll be hearing from me,
Thanks for posting !

Hey Rob, don't see why we can't get together and get the ball rolling.

I'll also contact Paul at Louisville Music News and see if he could mention JPF in his Down On The Corner column. (news tidbits)

I'll give you a call.

Posted By: Raven Re: Coordinator and Members Wanted! - 04/13/05 11:34 PM
When you guys get a night set pm me and if I can I will drive down from Indianapolis.


Tony, That would be great. I'm sure that once we get something going that others will want to get involved too. Do you still have my cell # ? Call me and we can get together to set something up. Now would be the perfect time since I am working over close to you so it would not be an inconvience to either of us get together and talk about it.
I work for myself so I can take a break anytime to talk to you. You have more experience so you can take charge and I will be glad to help any way I can.
Call Me !

Hi Mikel, we will post the date/time/location here on the board as soon as we set up our first formal meeting. I'll shoot you an email as well.

Thanks for posting, look forward to meeting you.

hey Rob, I will definitely call you fri morning. I just got settled in for the night..been working on the yard today..washing my truck...getting sunburn lol.

Note to everyone.....I talked to some folks at a bluegrass jam last night and left some JPF fliers. Also checked out Dallas Alice at the Air Devils Inn. (heck of a band..alt country) Their front man is a great songwriter. The bass player gave me his email addy, and we briefly discussed the Clifton Songwriters Initiative, a small group of local writers. I'll see if they are interested in joining us. two of the names he mentioned are on the list Brian posted on the roadtrip thread, so they are already JPF members.

Hey Tony,
Thank you for the call, that is a big first step to get this thing up and running. Sounds like you have realy put a big effort into this. I will help any-way I can, you just let me know what I can do.
Did you get the demo of Boss Man's Jaw?

Hey Rob, got the demo, sounds good.
They did a good job with it. Good vocals.

I still need to call Melissa and confirm the meeting she proposed for Wed. I'll post the time, which I think will be noon.

Also, I've set up a Yahoo group that has a chat room we can use if need be. It has a message board, ect. We'll use this board for JPF related stuff, and the group board for any other stuff. No biggie, it will be there if we need it. You can see it here.....
I have it set up as a private board, so everyone will have to get a yahoo ID, join, and wait till I approve it. That will keep the general public out of our chat room. All JPF members will be welcome, not just Louisville Chapter members.

Till next time,
Keep Writin and best of luck on the song ! Good Stuff !


Till next time, Keep writin !

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Posted By: sol17 Re: Coordinator and Members Wanted! - 04/26/05 04:19 PM
It was nice to finally sit down with Tony and set up a plan of attack.

It's also cool to see other people interested in JPF.

We decided to take May to keep spreading the word about JPF and set up a meeting in June.

If you know anyone who'd be interested, send them this way. Also, if you have any contact info for the list of musicians Brian put in another post to this board, contact them and let them know what we're doing.

Thanks, and I look forward to meeting all of you!

Sol 17
emotionally charged
classic alternative rock
Posted By: Mama Love Re: Coordinator and Members Wanted! - 04/27/05 07:43 PM
Too cool! Thanks Wes (Slappypappy) for turning me onto this! I'd be really interested in joining in on whatever you guys get going - I've got a lot of contacts around Louisville and am involved in several Louisville musician networks. Let me know what you need and look forward to hearing from/meeting you guys!

The Funk Junkies
Blues/R&B, Rock - Variety

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Jorena, I posted a welcome message on the other thread ...btw, cool ID [Linked Image]

Posted By: Mama Love Re: Coordinator and Members Wanted! - 05/04/05 09:14 PM
Thanks Tony!! It was great to meet you the other night and I look forward to meeting everyone else!! BTW WHERE IS everyone else? Wes and I are going to be at The Warehouse (on Walthen - off off 7th) on Friday night for a little 'Wes's' birthday/acoustic jam if anyone wants to come out - I fell off stage last Saturday night and messed up my left leg ROYALLY so I'll be there hobblin around haha! If anyone else braves the trip out - make sure to let me or Wes know who you are!!

The Funk Junkies
Blues/R&B, Rock - Variety
Posted By: kelticsol Re: Coordinator and Members Wanted! - 05/10/05 05:52 PM
I joined jpf a few days ago. I am a singer songwriter in the louisville area. I live in Jeff. Bt I just wanted to drop a line to say I am here and in the louisville area. Also, interested in networking with other songwriters in the area.

Hi Jerry, Welcome to JPF ! We are working toward getting enough members to become a bonified chapter. We need at least ten, and then we can get rolling. Please see my post, "time to start signing up", and the link will take you to the chapter info/forms page. Just fill out the member form and submit it, and you are good to go. (just click submit once, it should go through).

Also, feel free to read through all the threads on the Louisville Chapter board. There is a link on one of them that will take you to our yahoo group. Feel free to join. Not a lot going on there yet, but it is there to use once we get going.

Thanks for joining JPF, and you've got the right idea...Networking. Take some time to check out the entire site.

Posted By: sol17 Re: Coordinator and Members Wanted! - 05/16/05 07:19 PM
So how many are we up to Tony?

Sol 17
emotionally charged
classic alternative rock
Hey Melissa, Well 9 registered I think

You, Karen, Jeff, Heidi,Rob, Wes, Jorena, Jerry, and myself.Marion will make 10.

I've had a lot of folks at the bluegrass jams say they would check it out, but none have chimed in yet, I guess a lot of them don't write, and are just into playing standards for fun, which is cool.

It should be easier to get more members as soon as we get the meetings going.

I'll keep trying to get the word out, and keep the ad on mojo running.

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