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Posted By: little deke Hello Kansas City - 02/12/05 07:41 PM
Hello, Kansas City. My name is Deke. I signed up to be the local KC chapter coordinator. I hope I'm not in too big of trouble.
Now let's get some more folks involved here so I don't end up feeling stupid for too very long. Thanks.
Posted By: Brian Austin Whitney Re: Hello Kansas City - 03/10/05 12:17 AM
Hey Deke,

Should we plan for a show in KC and Lawrence, or just 1 show to cover both areas?

Posted By: little deke Re: Hello Kansas City - 03/10/05 11:38 AM
Lawrence, KS is just a short trip from the KC area, 50 miles from me and I live across town from the Kansas side. Personally, I would be happy to drive to Lawrence to play. I think one show would be good, of course, unless we are overwhelmed with interest.

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