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Posted By: wjrose seaking a co-writer - 12/26/09 10:28 PM

My name is Wm.John Rose and I'm a pro published writer. Just moved to Austin from Orange County CA. I would like to find a co-writer for country, country pop, country alt, traditional country or pop. You can check out my catalog on my Song Click page. You can email me at

Thanks so Much,
Posted By: Sam Wilson Re: seaking a co-writer - 12/27/09 12:08 AM
It's seeking.

Now, show us a bit of your work on the Lyric boards....
Posted By: Kevin Emmrich Re: seaking a co-writer - 12/27/09 12:25 AM
I checked out first few of your tunes at soundclick. Sounds like some quality work. Welcome to the JPF. What are looking for in a co-writer: lyrics, music, both? Sounds like you are pretty good by yourself, but co-writing is the way things are going these days (in commercial country, at least).

Edit: Just noticed you posted this in the Austin section. Does that mean you are looking for face to face co-writers? (It's probably the best way)?

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