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Posted By: Jim McNabb How Active is Just Plain Folks Austin? - 03/29/06 06:42 PM
I've been visiting the JPF site for a long time, but never participated on the message boards. I had to register to get my music on a CDBaby.Com JPF gallery. Then, I stumbled across this board. It appears VERY inactive. So, I wondered how active the Austin group is?
And, is there an official chapter?

Jim in Austin
I'm new here, too, but the Austin forum seems pretty slow. Austin does have a nice flesh-and-blood songwriters group and among the local networking events, I'm partial to the AMF meetings, LeAnne Atherton's Barn Dance and the Thursday night open mic at The Oaks.

Life is pretty full for me now, and I doubt I could find time before the summer to attend a dedicated JPF meet-up. Still, I'd be curious to hear from other local yokels. Mebbe we can all mingle at a suitable gig.
Well I realize your posts are from March, but I'm hoping the chapter is more active now. I'm playing a show near there next month and would love to see some JPF folks at the show! Make sure you introduce yourself and say hi if you make it out too.

Thursday 10/25/07 Wild Country - Harker Heights TX

Friday 10/26/07 Billy Bobs - Ft Worth TX

Saturday 10/27/07 Coupland Inn & Dance Hall - Coupland TX

Hey Chris,

How did the shows go?

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