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Hi Folks,

We want to get our Austin Chapter up and running. Let us know if you want to help out!


I have been lurking a while and reading with interest. Don't know know if i can be an actual coordinator, but maybe help get it rolling at least! I have been a guest speaker at the Austin Songwriters Group & they meet at a Showcase at B.B. Rovers on 183. David Patrick Dunn is a great Texas Songwriter who hosts the showcase called "Jollyville City Limits". I mentioned the possibility to him of having a meeting there and he was into it. I noticed someone else had mentioned ASG as well. I think this could be the connection to get things started. The showcase & ASG groups are on Sundays from 7-10pm I think. I will try to get Dave to post on here as well.

Hi, Jim! I am sending you an E.

Jean Bullock
JPF Global Chapter Coordinator
We have a coordinator for Austin, now.
DAX. Look for a post from DAX soon.

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So what happened to DAX?
Posted By: DAX Re: Austin Chapter Coordinator Needed! - 10/24/03 07:05 PM
I am here!

My biggest issue, as you can imagine, is time. I want to get this chapter up and running but I literally have not had enough hours in the day to focus on it.

As the holidays come up and work/life slows down a bit I hope to have more time to focus on this, though I am still a little mystified with exactly what the first baby steps should be. Maybe you guys can offer a few tips?

I will also post about it in the general forum.



Good to hear from you. Jean Bullock has a wealth of info if you just send her a note. Email

I will help DAX as much as possible. We have a meeting tonight 3/24/04. We will know more then. (ie, who shows up and who is interested.)

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