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Posted By: Andy K Vote NO on Amendment 1 - 10/24/16 04:31 AM
Since my house runs on solar power and all the songs I've recorded the past almost 7 years were recorded with solar power, this amendment more personally affects me. My most recent song, "Anti-Solar Amendment 1," is a protest against this amendment. The song may be heard from the link in the signature.

Vote NO on Amendment 1. It was created and is being financed by the electric power companies and is deliberately worded to confuse people and make them think it supports solar power. If passed, it will give the power companies the tools to effectively shut down solar power in Florida and cause a lot of people who have solar to remove it. Tell everyone you know since the power companies are spending over 10 times as much advertising for it as the people who oppose the amendment.

Posted By: Andy K Re: Vote NO on Amendment 1 - 10/28/16 03:25 AM
The organization that is leading the fight against Amendment 1 made a video using this song. The Facebook posting of the video has about 18,000 views over the past five days and over 500 shares and can be seen here:

It can also be seen on YouTube, though it only has about 180 views over the past week:

I hope it helps the cause.
Posted By: Andy K Re: Vote NO on Amendment 1 - 11/11/16 02:49 AM
For anyone interested, the amendment was defeated, as desired. The video got over 25,000 views during the less than three weeks it was up through Election Day.
Posted By: Colin Ward Re: Vote NO on Amendment 1 - 11/11/16 03:05 PM
Well done Andy!
Posted By: Dan Sullivan Re: Vote NO on Amendment 1 - 11/11/16 08:30 PM
Congratulations Andy, on the song and a win in a state controlled by ALEC and the Republican Party. I doubt you'll find much support in this forum for a win by progressives. No matter. The People did a good job.
Posted By: Andy K Re: Vote NO on Amendment 1 - 11/14/16 02:12 AM
Thanks, guys!
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