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Ronny Cox is a touring singer/songwriter who played last night at my friend's venue.....but who else is he? He is the actor who played guitar on Dueling Banjos with a banjo playing boy in the film Deliverance. Ronny has appeared in many other major films, but he is mostly interested in his music today. At 73, he is very good, although his folk songs include some dated material like When You're Smiling and Goodnight Irene. He is a great guy and has lots of stories.

I asked him if he really played Dueling Banjos live on camera. He said, no, it ended up being recorded in a studio in Atlanta by studio musicians, but he knew how to play it and finger synced correctly on camera. The banjo playing boy could not actually play a note and "his" left hand actually belonged to a local bluegrass musician.

It was a fun evening and visit.
Interesting. Thanks for the info.
Cool, that's been awhile since that movie, but a classic tune!

"How'd I get here in Tampa, this isn't Pittsburgh!" (just thought I'd drop in Colin and surprise you)!


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