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Posted By: Richard Maclemale Cover band - floating an idea... - 11/29/11 07:14 AM
I've been kicking around the idea of putting together a cover band to pick up some more gigs and cash. I can play guitar and keyboard, and I have a small PA that could handle small bar gigs. Sort of thinking of a 4 piece, with drums, bass, guitar, and me (guitar/keyboard.) The other musicians should be able to sing and harmonize. I'm thinking about charging around $400 per night ($100 each.) Material could be whatever works/sells, from classic rock to 80's rock. I don't plan on giving up performing solo - this would just be another avenue to have fun, play some tunes, and make a little extra cash.

Any fellow JPFers in the Tampa general area interested in such a thing?
LOL - So far I've determined that there are 26 people who don't want to do it. smile Oh well. Something will eventually turn up.
Posted By: Al Alvarez Re: Cover band - floating an idea... - 12/02/11 05:21 PM
Hi Richard,
I am actually working on the same type of project. If you would like to talk please call me anytime at 813-857-9566
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