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Recently purchased Band in the Box and have been working on demoes but I am not 100% satisfied with the overall results.

I am working with an Acer Aspire, running windows 7 and "Realtek High Def. Audio" along with the Samson G Track [USB] and it is only now that I have the backing of the "real tracks" that I am not satisfied.

Any suggestion about settings et al. ?

Band in a box you need alot of Style Sets. Otherwise, you are using the same styles for all your songs.

For the mic, find a quiet space in your home to record. Those mics pic up the sound of air going through the room. When I use mine, It sounds like a vacuum cleaner is running, cause it's picking up air.

Once you record your vocals in as quiet a space as possible, you need a noise gate. G Gate is a free noise gate. You can use this to take away excess noise so you only hear the vocal and not the crap!

You would take the ggate.dll file and put it into your daws VST file and it should show up in your daw to use as an effect.

That will at least help clean the sound up. As far as recording, I find staying closer to the mic with less gain, is better than further away with more gain, for the same reason, less noise. Just be careful that when you sing louder parts to move back a a heads length or so.

USB mics can be hard to hear yourself and the music at the same time. I find putting only one ear covered with head phone and one out, helps that. You deinftly need a noise gate then cause you will pick up the head phones a but more.

Bottom line, usb mics are not as good as using a mic and a interface, but it is more convenient.

As long as your sound doesnt get distorted, you can always improve it with compression, noise gate, eq and verbs
Thanks Bugsey. Great points.

I found having small mixing units and plugging in to the souncard using .wav and audacity for software that a USB mic can be worse then a handset mic or any other standard mic. The noise levels and impedence seem to be set with how lo or hi-fi the recording is.
The results might be different on a soundboard or console.
But I have only experimented with usb mics and software programs like cubase.
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