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Posted By: Ray E. Strode Photo Software Help - 04/25/14 04:42 PM
Hi Folks,
I need a Photo Software Program that let's me select one Image at a time, or several at a time that I can send to a CD as well as print out a page of selected photos.

I have such a program in my old computer HP Photo Premier 6.5 that allows me to do that but need the program for a new computer. I bought a Program, Photo Explosion that I thought would work but it won't allow me to select indiviual photos or even burn a CD.

I can burn one photo in the new Computer or all the photos in a file but can't select indivdiual photos. Same with printing the photos. Thanks.
Posted By: Vicarn Re: Photo Software Help - 04/25/14 07:30 PM
I have Windows7 and by selecting individual photos I can right click and click "print" or click on "send to" and choose my cd writer drive. Have you tried that?

Posted By: Ray E. Strode Re: Photo Software Help - 04/26/14 05:52 PM
Thanks Vicarn,
I could do everything in my old computer and bought some new discs to do it. Alas, my old computer circa 2005 won't format the new discs! The method you suggest works, I think but it is a pain. So I need a Program that works like the one in my old Computer that allows me to select several files and copies them in one command. Thanks.
Posted By: Ray E. Strode Re: Photo Software Help - 09/06/14 05:04 PM
Hi Everybody,
I bought some new RW Discs that will format in my old computer so I am able to select and copy several photo files as before. Computers can be fun!
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