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Posted By: niteshift USB Microphone Latency Issues - 02/06/14 07:19 PM
Hey Guys,

Bought a USB microphone, cheap, CAD, but not a bad sound.

Upon plugging it in, it went to the internet, and installed itself with it's own drivers.

That's fine, but it thinks of itself as a "playback device", so have corrected that part, turned off the automatic gain control, and it's used as the primary mic globally.

Problem is, when I want to record through Acid Pro, it has a terrible latency problem. I cant select it as a "device" as it has plugged itself into Sound Mapper which is the only selectable device.

If I plug a Shure mic into the mic input, all is good, unlike said USB devise.

Also, I can't control gain input ( have switched off automatic gain control )

All I want to do is select the microphone directly, without Sound Mapper, and use it in the programme.

Any ideas ?

cheers, niteshift
Posted By: Ray E. Strode Re: USB Microphone Latency Issues - 02/06/14 08:14 PM
At least that Mic did something after you Plugged it in. Now if it would only follow your directions, right? Now, you would think, it would be a simple procedure like that Shure Mic, no?

If there is some software that was installed with the Mic you may be able to go to Start, programs and open the instructions to read them. On the other hand you may be able to open a program you are using and access the Microphone for using it.

I have a ton of photographs in my computer. I can open them in other programs that I use. I would you would be able to do the same with your Mic.
Posted By: Mark Kaufman Re: USB Microphone Latency Issues - 02/06/14 09:07 PM
Methinks you need an audio interface.
Posted By: Colin Ward Re: USB Microphone Latency Issues - 02/07/14 02:07 AM
I am not familiar with any of your equipment so these are probably already know this stuff.

In order for a mic to operate with USB, it has to have an analog to digital converter internally because your voice is analog and the computer/USB is digital. Therefore you are getting a digital signal into the computer which means you don't need a separate audio interface. (A sound card is essentially the same thing as an audio interface and I think that is what your Sound Mapper is).

I am guessing that Acid Pro should be able to select the mic without going through Sound Mapper. I would check into the Acid Pro instruction manual (which probably doesn't exist!) or see if there is a user's group where you can ask questions or look at FAQs. You might also find that the mic has installed some software in which you can select where the signal goes (like a mixer).

Good luck
Posted By: niteshift Re: USB Microphone Latency Issues - 02/13/14 12:06 PM
Hey Guys,

Thanks for the suggestions.

I'm working my way through it, and have just added ASIO4All to the programme.

It essentially allows direct selection of Input/Output as if it were a software audio interface.... but still not quite there yet.

Mark - I didn't bother with an audio interface for this new computer, as I was told because of it's speed and RAM, it didn't need one. ( had a Firewire card on the previous computer )

BUT - it may be due to Windows 7 itself, which apparantly has multiple latency issues because of it's nature, os I'll look into that if all else fails. Hmmmph ! more money !

cheers, niteshift

PS - will report back when the st-st-stuttering is under control. smile
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