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Posted By: Brian Austin Whitney Venue Search Tip: Google! - 02/13/08 04:30 PM
Hi Folks,

I did a search for music venues on google with the following search terms: Music Venue Indianapolis. Once I did that, a list with a map included came up. Click the link that says "Local Business Results For...." and a new window will open. (I don't know how to get to that window directly). But once there, you'll see 2 search windows. One will have the words "Music Venue" and the other "Indianapolis." Now this is where it gets cool. Want to plan a tour or check for any music venues in any size town? Just enter any town into the search box on the right and it will come up with lists and list and lists. All the contact info will be there (website, address, phone number) and a description of the venue and a map to show you where it's located and how far from the center of town. It's really a perfect tool to do some research on venues for tour purposes and because it's google, in most cases the info is very current, much moreso than any printed resource and most online databases. We were going to do a database like that, but heck, it's so easy to do on Google for free, why bother.

Give it a try. It may not have everything, but if they exist on the web or in the phone book, it does.

Posted By: David Davenport Re: Venue Search Tip: Google! - 03/06/08 07:31 AM
Very cool. Thanks.
Posted By: Doug Heard Re: Venue Search Tip: Google! - 03/06/08 04:36 PM
Doesn't work unless you are in a major city. Try Brenda AZ, or Bell, FL
Posted By: Herbie Gaines Re: Venue Search Tip: Google! - 03/07/08 12:18 AM
Doesn't work for chicago just get hooked up with media type of outlets.
Posted By: debra manskey Re: Venue Search Tip: Google! - 11/08/08 02:07 AM
True, it's best in major cities - but it can lead to some interesting sites and venue listings that cover broader areas.

That's how I originally found this site.
Posted By: Brian Austin Whitney Re: Venue Search Tip: Google! - 11/13/08 02:26 AM

You just have to type in a reasonable sized city nearby and it will work. I got similar successes everywhere I tried.

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