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Posted By: Open Mic in Redondo Beach - 09/08/05 09:19 PM
Acoustic Open Mic in Redondo Beach every Wednesday from 7:30pm.

C&D's Welcome Cafe
1808 S Pacific Coast Hwy
Redondo Beach, Ca 90277
(310) 316-9270

Hosted by South Bay Bob

In house PA including mics available.
I've played at this venue and also have seen some awesome musicians there. This is a wonderful place and they are open and respectful to all types of music and musicians - open mic on Wed's and they book live music on Saturdays. Redondo is just south of Los Angeles near the coast. Free parking (always a factor in playing in LA). As a writer and musician I would totally recommend this place to anyone and everyone.

Posted By: Chuck Crowe Re: Open Mic in Redondo Beach - 01/16/07 05:32 PM
One of my favorites!


Posted By: Joanne Lurgio Re: Open Mic in Redondo Beach - 01/17/07 12:40 AM
Darn ... I sure wish I could get there ... it's supposed to be the coldest night of the year here tomorrow!! cry
Bet it will be cozy evening with lots of great music there in CA!
Posted By: Jeff Van Devender Re: Open Mic in Redondo Beach - 02/17/07 08:15 AM
I played there in June '05!!!

Posted By: Emily Sanders Re: Open Mic in Redondo Beach - 02/24/07 07:56 AM
I'm gonna check this out...Sounds great!! Thanks for the info.
I work nearby in Manhattan Beach smile

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