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Hi Folks,

We need a moderator for this message board. Your role would be the encourage discussion, post info of interest and respond to any needs or questions raised with help from myself and others. If you are interested in helping us increase participation and offer more info, resources and support to the artists and writers in this community, please let me know.


I'd like to moderate, Brian.
I think I can do that! I've been trying to encourage discussion, etc, here anyway.
Let me know what more I can do.
Okay.. you're hired Linda...

First thing is to see if Scott has any suggestions.. he's our coordinator in Seattle for the chapter, but I know they take a very low key approach and only have events/gatherings a few times per year. The message board should support the local chapter and perhaps he's mulling over the next gathering and we can use the boards to help build interest in that.

Unfortunately, the only thing I've been mulling over for the past year is my upcoming CD release. That said, I could be posting here a lot more. I've not been paying attention to "the scene" here in Seattle much these days.

We can probably get more discussion going here if there was some regular postings.

Brian? Linda? Scott? Eddie Vedder? Ann Wilson? Nancy Wilson? Geoff Tate? That really cool singer slash songwriter I heard at the Mandolin Cafe the other night? Anyone? C'mon're amazing and you know it...clap your hands.

Anything I can do to help? Did I mention there's a Songwriters of the Northwest Guild meeting tomorrow, Thursday, June 5? Check out for mo' info.

Hello? Echo, echo, echo...

I'm dying up here. So...these two guys walk into a bar, the third guy ducks.

Thank you folks. I'll be here all week.
Hiya Terrill,
I'm in the middle of stuff like "Senior Awards Night" and "Band Awards Banquet" and "Last 5th Grade Concert of the Year" - it's a rough time of year for me schedule-wise.

I *think* the events tomorrow night are not stuff I personally need to be at (older kids go but it's not for parents), but I could be mistaken.

I'm pretty well booked solid through June, and none of it music gigs. smile (waaah)

IF I can at all possibly be there I would love to go! But no promises.

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