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Posted By: CMusicLives Collective Soul live in Seattle - 12/15 - 11/20/07 09:14 PM
Collective Soul along with KT Tunstall are playing the KMTT Seattle Winter Warmth Concert on Dec. 15th.

I just picked up Collective Soul's new album, Afterwords, at Target the other day for less than $10. I'd heard their catchy new track Hollywood and had to hear what else they had to offer. Digging it so far

Found a stream of that song online here if you'd like to listen:

Anyone else planning on going to this show? I hear there's a special guest that's also supposed to show up...who's it gonna be?
Hi Carly--might be fun!

I have to look at the calendar--swamped in my own rehearsals right now... I have just a small choral/ensemble part in the production ("Savior of the World" in Auburn Nov 30 & Dec 1, see my website below for more details) but it's keeping me busy.
I'll take a peek and see if the Warmth Concert looks doable.

Nice to meet you!
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