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Posted By: Dave Hoskins Ambient Keys-Synth Player Sought - 04/17/07 10:38 PM
Ambient Keys-Synth Player Sought In Seattle [Linked Image]

In 1973 British musicians Robert Fripp and Brian Eno recorded the seminal album No Pussyfooting and spawned the genre now called Ambient music.

Eastside Seattle guitarist Dave Hoskins is currently seeking a keyboard/synth player with whom to forge a similar musical partnership. The intent is to create ambient/experimental music that can be performed live in a variety of venues (restaurants, clubs, festivals) and recorded and marketed in a variety of formats (CDs, mp3s, ring tones, game, movie, TV soundtracks).

Interested musicians should be willing to commit to two writing/rehearsing/recording sessions a week and have a desire to see this grow into something more over time.

The ideal collaborator is extremely creative with a willingness to take musical roads not often traveled. However, good character and the ability to keep required commitments are also very important.

You can learn more about Dave Hoskins and hear some of his music at Please make initial contact through email to Any information you choose to include will be helpful in deciding whom to contact to first.
Posted By: Linda Sings Re: Ambient Keys-Synth Player Sought - 04/18/07 08:29 AM
Hi Dave,
Nice to meet you! Welcome to JPF Seattle!
I like your music. Very cool sound.

I'm a bit swamped right now writing my next novel--but I do play keys. Most of my experience is playing & writing on acoustic piano, and my musical goals are more in vocals & songwriting than keyboards. I have a little Yamaha synth I'm playing with a bit (just got it).

Still, this opportunity sounds interesting. I'll have more time to invest come fall when all my (6) kids are in school. But keep me posted... I might be able to "guest collaborate" or something, if that suits you.


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