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Posted By: meagin Debut EP - 10/07/06 06:26 PM
Hey, everyone! I'm a singer/songwriter based in Seattle, WA and I just finished my debut, 'Meet My Monster''s a friendly monster [Linked Image] I would like all of you to check it out when you have time. I really appreciate your support!
Here's the link:


Meagin Donovan
Posted By: Linda Sings Re: Debut EP - 08/01/07 07:01 AM
Hi Meagin!

Do you play out live? Let me know and I will try my very best to get to one of your gigs! I would love to meet you. I would also like to get a songwriters' night or song circle type of thing going.

Congratulations on your CD!! I'm a long way from my debut CD myself, but someday I hope to stand in your shoes!

Posted By: JW Hanberry Re: Debut EP - 08/02/07 11:35 AM
I'm pretty sure I met you at the Black Box on Mercer Island a couple of years ago. I'm a tall, somewhat older guy with shaved head. I think you were a duo. The event was sponsored by KEXP. I still have your sticker around here somewhere. I really liked what you were doing. Your new record sounds real good too. Congrats.

Or I might have just dreamt it...

Posted By: Emily Sanders Re: Debut EP - 08/11/07 05:08 PM

Congratulations on the release of your CD smile
That's a huge accomplishment.
Wishing you lots of success!


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