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To help the Baltimore Songwriters Association celebrate its tenth
anniversary, the BSA will be assembling a JURIED COMPILATION CD of
its members' music.
"A juried cd . . . what's that?" you ask? Good question!
"Juried" means that a group of out-of-town judges in the music
business will select their favorites of the songs submitted, thinking
they should appear on the compilation CD.

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN TO YOU, a dues-paid BSA member? Well, this is a
great opportunity to get your song(s?) on a high-profile CD from the

HOW CAN YOU GET INVOLVED? Here are submission details:
- must be a dues-paid BSA member to submit songs
- submitters of songs must have at least partial songwriting credit
for the song, and have the rights to include the song on this CD
- professionally-sounding recorded songs with entry fee must be
received by the BSA CD Committee by FRIDAY JUNE 1 - sorry, no late
submissions will be accepted
- entry fee is $20 (payable by PayPal, check made to "Baltimore
Songwriters Association", or cash) for first song and $10 for each
additional song - these are non-refundable
- if your song is selected for the CD, a $50 per song inclusion fee
to help cover production costs will be required
- get songs, entry fee (aside from PayPal), and contact info to the
BSA CD Committee by: 1) mailing songs on a CD, plus a check to:
Baltimore Songwriters Assn, po box 22496, Baltimore, MD 21203; or, 2)
delivering songs on a CD, plus a check or cash to the meeting host at
any BSA meeting

- your $20 entry fee includes one copy of the CD, whether your song
is included or not
- your $50 inclusion fee will return you five more copies of the CD
- this great chance to have your song appear on this high-profile BSA
CD offers promotion and a possible chance to perform at a special
late-2007 10-Year Anniversary Concert
- an opportunity to pre-order these special CDs at a $5 per cost,
once the selected songs have been announced

Submit any song you've created that you think is worthy, regardless
of whether it has been on a previous BSA CD or any of your previously
released CDs. Submitted songs will be screened for sound quality and
may be rejected if they are not of sufficient quality, then randomly
and anonymously placed onto CDs for distribution to numerous judges.
These judges will not be affiliated with the BSA in any
official/membership way. The judges will be asked to select their
ten favorite songs, knowing that the intent is to include them on a
songwriters' association CD (probably subjectively focusing on
songcraft and performance). When the judges have made their
decisions, the BSA CD Committee will compile the results and notify
the selected songs' submitters in August. At this point, those
selected will need to pay the inclusion fee for each song and provide
the BSA CD Committee with needed bio information and photo.
So how did that end up Paul?
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