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Posted By: Steve Humes Suawanee Banjo Camp, 3/21-23/08 - 01/17/08 08:20 PM
Check this out if you are interested in Banjo. I am signed up.
Posted By: Nick Edelstein Re: Suawanee Banjo Camp, 3/21-23/08 - 07/31/08 11:32 AM
Hey Steve, how was the camp? Did you learn claw-hammer or another interesting technique?

My favorite banjo-ist is Bela Fleck, who I've seen many times in Atlanta. How about you?
Posted By: Steve Humes Re: Suawanee Banjo Camp, 3/21-23/08 - 08/01/08 02:57 PM

The camp was great. Every skill level and playing style represented. The park was very nice, and it was a nice time of year to be out there.

I picked up on what I was looking for in the banjo, now just need the time to work on it.
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