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Posted By: Wild Oats Records May All Your Oats Be Wild - 02/26/04 11:42 PM
(We've been called "Nashville's renegade record
label" and also "The Home Of The Three-Hour Lunch".)

A couple things that you might want to know about us:
1. We have an open door policy, and are always glad
to listen to new artists and material.

2. We've been around for 15 years and have earned
a reputation for quality, honesty and integrity.
In fact, Wild Oats Records was founded partly as
an alternative to the sleaziness too often found
on the indie music scene.)

3. We produce, release and promote the best in American roots music... whether it be country, Americana, rockabilly, folk, blues, alt-country,
rock or bluegrass.

4. We work with some of the most talented singers, songwriters and musicians around.

Please visit our website at:
and to learn about our "Inside Nashville" Seminar
and Artist Showcase in May, visit:

Thanks, and may all your oats be wild !
Posted By: Baradlee Re: May All Your Oats Be Wild - 06/29/04 07:42 AM
WildOats Records is the REAL DEAL. I traveled from California to work with them and it was well worth the trip.
If you like your music real and not pre-packaged and formulated you have to go to

Bradley C Williams
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