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Posted By: chapman Central Ky Rollcall - 05/16/02 07:39 PM
Just wondering .... hoping .....

anyone? Lexington to Somerset ?

ambrose woodfellow

Save Yourself - Plant Trees or Play Music
Posted By: jaltergott Re: Central Ky Rollcall - 05/20/02 10:47 PM
I'm in columbus, but I didn't want you to get lonely [Linked Image]

I'm not having much luck myself...perhaps the recent email to members will bring some traffic to these boards.


Jeffrey Altergott
Posted By: jaltergott Re: Central Ky Rollcall - 05/21/02 04:37 AM
Thanks, every other 8th day [Linked Image]

But, I'm sure we can work out some gig swapping once we get our chapters in order. Perhaps a song-circle weekend as well.

Thanks for checking out my website, you landed on an oldie in the MP3 department. But, thanks for checking out my stuff.

I visited your website too, checked out far and away...sweet intimate performance - just what I like.

Jeffrey Altergott
Posted By: jaltergott Re: Central Ky Rollcall - 06/11/02 08:34 PM
I fear you may be right. Perhaps the folks are Just Plain Without Comuters [Linked Image]
Posted By: jerry Re: Central Ky Rollcall - 08/10/02 05:06 AM
I am from Southern Indiana. (Mainly, Salem.)
Is anybody on here from Sothern Indiana or Louisville,KY.?
Posted By: chapman Re: Central Ky Rollcall - 12/23/03 04:57 PM
just thought i'd check again [Linked Image]

lex to somerset ... ?
Posted By: Manager4Lolene Re: Central Ky Rollcall - 02/29/04 01:08 AM

Lolene is in Jessamine County, which is certainly between Lex and Somerset!
Posted By: spotcheck Re: Central Ky Rollcall - 03/21/04 10:36 PM
Hey ambrose,

Just now saw your post. I'm in Campbellsville, very center of the state, two hours from everything (including Lex, Lou, Bowling Green, Nashville, etc.). "Two Hours from Everything"...darned if I just didn't have a song idea. lol

Anyway, my stuff is at and my first solo CD is on CD Baby at

I'd love to get something going around this area if we could! Keep in touch, and maybe we can round 'em up!

Doug P. Lamb
Trip Daddy Records
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