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Lush Life (feat. Signe)

Posted By: Kolstad

Lush Life (feat. Signe) - 02/06/11 08:46 PM

I've gotten my friend Signe to record vocals for this song, that I wrote for a commercial opp, a while ago.

Now it's up to me. Wonder how's the mix, and what I could do to give it more impact?

Target is still tv/film licensing.

Lush Life

A plug for Signe, who's an awesome session singer, who could use the work! She's recording both at home and in Big Jim's preferred studio Backbeat Totally professional to work with, industry standard rates, and a unique voice that can bring your music alive!
Posted By: Vicarn

Re: Lush Life (feat. Signe) - 02/06/11 08:59 PM

Maybe the cymbals would be nice coming in at V2.
I like it anyway though.
Posted By: Ott Lukk (D)

Re: Lush Life (feat. Signe) - 02/07/11 01:31 AM

Magne: This was really well done, particularly noted that the whistling makes one pay attention. Also, Signe has a wonderful voice. Enjoyed it a lot!
Posted By: Tracy Harris

Re: Lush Life (feat. Signe) - 02/07/11 01:47 AM

Really nice. I would consider pulling the volume of the whistle up a touch, giving the bridge a more dynamic feel with a different chord change and adding that tambourine that came in at the end to an earlier spot in the song. But I think it has nice possibilities. I really like it.
Posted By: TamsNumber4

Re: Lush Life (feat. Signe) - 02/07/11 07:10 AM


Very pretty tune and wonderful singer.

I don't understand the change in notes in the "and I'm allright" at the end of the second chorus, it makes me think it is wrong somehow, it caught my ear each time.

I would dial down the tambourine a bit.

I felt that the middle of the song should have had some small add things, but they are all "high" notes and you know me, I like the deeper resonance..I'm so predictable..

No, I listened again and the second chorus "lush life.." doesn't have the same deep sounds in it as the first chorus to me, I know you are adding some higher stuff for builds, but you are losing the deeper tones to me in that chorus when you do.

It's a nice song, I enjoyed it four times...LOL!!


Posted By: Kolstad

Re: Lush Life (feat. Signe) - 02/07/11 07:36 PM

Thanks Vic, Ott, Tracy & Tammy,

Much appreciated!

Tammy that particular spot was a bad desicion by me. I decided to keep a mistake, while tracking it. May need to redo that.. grr. Don't have a comping producer to kick my b..., so getting your comments is great!

I'll see what I can do to add more dynamics to the song. I might record drums from the start of verse 2, and then add a real tambourine for the last chorus. Drums also calls for bass, so I'll try with a full version, and then have a stripped acoustic version as well. Then I'll probably have to rerecord the electric guitar.

That's how it goes, song never finish do they!
Posted By: Ricki E. Bellos

Re: Lush Life (feat. Signe) - 02/08/11 02:34 AM

Hi Magne,

This is great! Love the lyrics and music and the vocalist really gives it the right spark. Sounds like a Coke commercial! smile

Posted By: Kolstad

Re: Lush Life (feat. Signe) - 02/08/11 10:58 AM

Thanks Ricki,

Much appreciated!

Check out the links to Signe as well, she's a professional singer, does work-for-hire, and is awesome with harmonies too. Highly reccomended!
Posted By: Dottie

Re: Lush Life (feat. Signe) - 02/08/11 05:31 PM

This is very pretty and the vocal is awesome! I would love to see the lyric as well if you get a chance to put it up. smile

Very nice job!

Posted By: Dan Sullivan

Re: Lush Life (feat. Signe) - 02/08/11 06:40 PM

Magne, I'm not going to be any help to you because it sounds fine as it is to me. Got a nice feeling to it. A nice groove and sound.
Posted By: Kolstad

Re: Lush Life (feat. Signe) - 02/08/11 07:16 PM

Thanks Dot & Dan,

The lyrics are at the bottom on the Soundclick page, when you scroll down, when you click the link, Dottie (I know, we are all busy..).
Posted By: Kolstad

Re: Lush Life (feat. Signe) - 06/08/21 10:32 AM

10 years after(!), I released this song for my online portfolio of songs available for licensing. I ran out of shelf space :-)

You can listen here:

It has gotten on a bunch of playlists, and even some radio play, so who knows how it will turn out.

I thought it would be fun to post as a conclusion on this thread in the Mp3 Feedback Forum. Thanks to all who did comment!
Posted By: Steve Altonian

Re: Lush Life (feat. Signe) - 06/08/21 04:31 PM

Its always interesting when we pull a. song from our catalog that was recorded years ago. As musical styles fade in and out, what really will stand the test of time?

I think this one does clearly find a spot as this reminds me of a Jewel tune.

Having a positive subject is also a breath of fresh air in 2021

One thing I believe in is this A great song will always have its dayIf it is meant to be this song will find its way. Good luck and thoughts to you on this tune
Posted By: Kolstad

Re: Lush Life (feat. Signe) - 06/09/21 06:12 AM

Thanks, good luck to you as well, Steve!
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