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Posted By: Nelson Blue Sky /// evolving though @ a snail's pace - 08/22/10 03:47 AM
Hello Everyone
I'm sure some of you remember this one. At this rate the album will be ready by the summer of 2012. smile grin
I'm still trying to clearly articulate the motivation for the song. So here goes, I hope it makes since.

I was moved to write the song while reflecting on how much pleasure we seem to take in the pain and down fall of others.

The character is experiencing the extraordinary sense of relief, after finding the courage with the help of a stranger, to face their demons.

The fact is they weren't hiding in dark alleys, they were functioning in society everyday. With smiles on their faces, behind the gleam of the clear blue sky... we fail to notice.
They are family members,church members, co-workers and neighbors, suffering the shame of addictions and other burdens. They're simply in need of a kind word or a helping hand.

Blue Sky (evolving though @ a snail's pace)

Posted By: Caroline Re: Blue Sky - 08/22/10 04:09 AM
I will try to listen during the week. Maybe my net connection will aloow me to. It's frustrating!!!
Posted By: Dan Sullivan Re: Blue Sky - 08/22/10 04:37 AM
Nelson, A gorgeous version of a beautiful song. What a voice and arrangement. You have a gift, brother. A beautiful gift.
Posted By: Kevin Emmrich Re: Blue Sky - 08/22/10 04:37 AM
That's a mighty nice song. Your singing is really working well here. I like the overall texture of the song and the placement of the backing vocals is cool. This really has a "Zac Brown" feel to it -- and since he has some #1 tunes, that's not a bad thing.

OK, maybe it's a cross between Zac and Richie Havens. This is a good one.

Posted By: glynda Re: Blue Sky - 08/22/10 06:29 AM
Nelson, I like this alot, love the music and your singing..the lyrics are great...really enjoyed this...thank you for sharing it, glyn
Posted By: Jan Petter Re: Blue Sky - 08/22/10 02:44 PM
[Linked Image] [Linked Image]

All the best
Posted By: Puddleglum Re: Blue Sky - 08/22/10 04:37 PM
Another great song Nelson, well delivered, good lyrics and sweet sounding guitar, very well recorded.

I'm not sure about the break, 'tabla drum' section, it seemed out of time or too forward in the mix, but the rest of it was good.
Posted By: Nelson Re: Blue Sky - 08/22/10 07:23 PM
Hey no rush...Caroline
Posted By: Nelson Re: Blue Sky - 08/22/10 07:25 PM
Thanks as always for your kind words, Dan.

Posted By: Nelson Re: Blue Sky - 08/22/10 07:32 PM
Thank you kindly Kevin... that's an awesome comparison.

I'll have to check out Richie Havens.

I love finding new artist to listen to.

Posted By: Nelson Re: Blue Sky - 08/22/10 07:34 PM
Thanks for taking the Glynda... glad you liked it.

Posted By: Nelson Re: Blue Sky - 08/22/10 07:43 PM
Hey thanks for your time and your input.
As far as the drum section...I think it might be the play between the drums and the guitar near the end of the first break. The 2nd break doesn't have guitar with the drums and it sounds fine.
And I could push the drums back a tad or pan a little more center.
I'll check into it.


Posted By: Kevin Miller Re: Blue Sky - 08/22/10 10:59 PM
Absolutely stunning! This song moved me deeply. The lyrics are masterful in every way, saying so much with economy of words. This entire arrangement provokes the deepest thought. Can't say enough about the vocals and lyrics.

Really now... who are you?

Brought tears to my family. So beautiful. God bless.

Posted By: Caroline Re: Blue Sky - 08/22/10 11:16 PM
Yes...What Kevin said! Beautifully written, played, just wonderful!
Posted By: Little_stevie_b Re: Blue Sky - 08/22/10 11:52 PM
This is really outstanding work Nelson. I like the way you built the arrangement as the song progresses. The only nit I hear is the percussion in I think the bridge. Seems out of sync. Other than that you've got a great song here.

Posted By: Ricki E. Bellos Re: Blue Sky - 08/23/10 12:36 AM
Hi Nelson,

Really beautifully done! Yeah, what they all said. And I hear a little Tony Brown in there as well.

Tell me you were kidding about thinking Richie Havens is a new artist? I feel so old right now! frown

Posted By: Calvin Re: Blue Sky - 08/23/10 12:42 AM
Hi N,

WOW, this is something to be proud of !
Thank you for sharing your great talent with us.
This song sounds special.

Posted By: Joice Marie Re: Blue Sky - 08/23/10 02:37 AM
Love the harmonies Nelson ---- and I like that improv percussion too -- it's a keeper
Posted By: Nelson Re: Blue Sky - 08/23/10 09:43 AM
Thanks Jan

Enough said ... Huh grin
Posted By: Nelson Re: Blue Sky - 08/23/10 09:47 AM
You are too kind and I am so happy your family enjoyed the song.
I'm speechless and overwhelmed, my friend.

Posted By: Nelson Re: Blue Sky - 08/23/10 09:48 AM
So Glad you could make it back.
Thanks for taking the time.

Posted By: Nelson Re: Blue Sky - 08/23/10 09:51 AM
Hey Stevie, my man
Thanks for taking the time.
Yeah I decided to moved the percussion more centered and back a bit. it seemed to help.

Check it out and let me know what you think.
Posted By: Nelson Re: Blue Sky - 08/23/10 09:55 AM
Hey thanks Ricki

Now I'll have to check out Tony Brown.

No I wasn't saying that Richie Havens was a new artist but only that he was new to me... like Tony Brown.

You shouldn't feel old.
You are enlightening the unenlightened. smile

Thanks for taking the time folks.

Posted By: Nelson Re: Blue Sky - 08/23/10 09:56 AM
Thank you Sir for taking the time to listen.

Posted By: Nelson Re: Blue Sky - 08/23/10 09:58 AM
Hello Joice

Thank you, it is always a pleasure to hear from you.

Posted By: Robert Pickens Re: Blue Sky - 08/23/10 03:20 PM
Mister Nelson.....really good....very enjoyable listen....your vocal is very good.....haunting in nature.......good luck to you.....Bob
Posted By: papaG Re: Blue Sky - 08/24/10 08:18 AM
Great stuff Mr.

Love the vocals ... a little more FX on the piano would be cool. (It sounds a little too canned) Guitar is great also.

Did you have a different version of this on your site earlier?

You are doing a fine job ... this album of yours is going to be awesome. I think there are some guys on this site who can really help you with mastering and refining your mix.

good luck ... looking forward to hearing more.
Posted By: Nelson Re: Blue Sky - 08/25/10 01:17 AM
Thank you so much for taking the time to give it a listen.

Posted By: Nelson Re: Blue Sky - 08/25/10 01:21 AM
Yeah I change it, as I make changes to the track.

I move the drum back and centered them, folks thought they sound a bit off, timing wise but I thought it the positioning.

As far as fx on the piano, I'll have to look into that.

Thanks for the input.

Posted By: Ricki E. Bellos Re: Blue Sky - 08/25/10 01:59 AM
Hey Nelson, I gave you the wrong name. It's not Tony Brown it's Greg Brown. Wow! I'm glad that's over! smile

Posted By: Beth G. Williams Re: Blue Sky - 08/25/10 05:22 AM
Hey Nelson,

This is very moving. Your vocals -- including harmonies -- and the lyric really drew me in. Music is interesting too smile .

Everything I've read/heard of yours so far Nelson has been top-notch. It's exciting to have you here.

Keep up the good work, and good luck with "Falling". I'm ready to buy it when it's ready smile .

Take care,
Posted By: Scott Philip Stewart Re: Blue Sky - 08/25/10 05:32 AM
Hi there, Nelson,

Great song and moving performance. Love the interplay of the guitar and the keys hard-panned...reinforces the message of the song (past-present contrast) perfectly. The vocals are very honest and transparent, too. Man, I love it.


Posted By: Nelson Re: Blue Sky - 08/26/10 12:22 AM
Sure thing Ricki laugh
Posted By: Nelson Re: Blue Sky - 08/26/10 12:26 AM
You are too kind Beth and A great talent yourself... keep pushing.

I'll let you know, if I ever think it's good enough to release. smile
Thanks for your kind words and input.

Posted By: Nelson Re: Blue Sky - 08/26/10 12:28 AM
Hello Scott
Nice to meet you and thanks for your kind words.


Posted By: Two Singers Re: Blue Sky - 08/26/10 12:30 AM

What a great song and performance! I have to echo what almost everyone else has's great!

The harnmony placement works great...especially to couple of instances of call & response. The guitar andf piano were both very engaging...sweet biut softly dramatic.

Only thing left to say, I guess, is "Well done, my friend!"

Oh...liked the art!

Posted By: Nelson Re: Blue Sky - 08/28/10 02:01 AM
Thank you much for you taking the time and for your kind words.
It means a lot coming from such a talented artist.
Which this place (J.P.F.)seems to be loaded with.

Special thanks to Kevin and Glynda. U R 2 kind.

I have posted the last inclination of Blue Sky.
A quiet little diddie about reclaiming your true self.
For you are not the sum of your troubles and vices.
They are just bumps along your way, to becoming your true self.

The character is experiencing the extraordinary sense of relief, after finding the courage, with the help of a stranger, to face their demons.

The stranger is someone they feel they would like to get to know better... but they have to get their life in order, first.

Blue Sky (evolving though @ a snail's pace)

That's one powerful song, Nelson. Wonderfully hypnotic arrangement and a great lyric. Even without being able to read along and refer back to them they stick in my mind on one listening - the concepts at least, not the exact words...

can't remember where the lines are drawn

Where fiction ends and I begin

Been so long since I stepped out on faith

These all really resonated. Keep up the great work!

Oh man, I'm in heaven. This tune moves me like these:

Let It Be - The Beatles
Rocky Mountain High - John Denver
Hotel California - The Eagles

Those are huge hits, I know. But your song Blue Sky gives me the same feelings when I listen.

Thanks Nelson. Gotta hear it again...



Great job on a beautiful song! I love what you did with the chorus especially all the background vocals. The piano is nice and the percussion work is cool too. Really like this a lot! Get your album done bro. I know it will do well!
Your voice makes me think of one of my favorites, Darius Rucker, but with a more soulful sound.

This is really special. The lyrics are stunning, so sad. Well done. grin

Hi Nelson,

Great to have this come around again and that you're still working it. You've still got it. smile

Hi Mr.Nelson
what a wonderful song!
I pressed the download after the second note
I am impressed by your guitar playing and your beautiful voice

Mr. Miller
Bless you Brother. Your encouraging words propels my desire to do better work because you are the man.

Thank you much for the kind words.
I'm so glad you like the lines.
I think it may one of the best choruses I've written.

Mr Mackie
Brother you are too kind.

Hey Ricky
Good to hear from you. Glad you liked it.
Especially the chorus because I had such a ball doing it. I was in full pipe dream mode... had my band back up singer congo players and the bass player singing, "Uh na na na, Uh na na na, Uh na, Uh na na na, uh na na na, UH na, na, na , Uh na, Uh na na,na.....Hot Damn wink

Hello Kimberly
Mr Rucker Huh... Funny you would mention him. Of all the great music that's been ever released the one album that motivated me to buy a guitar was "Cracked Rear View" by you know who. What's not so funny is that it was another 10yrs before I learned to play a song. No S*=t

Hey Ricki
Yeah I'm still working on it.
I the way I see it, I don't write a lot of songs and I haven't started collaborating, So between writing songs I have plenty of time to go back and rework songs, to make them the best they can be. I feel as I get better at certain part of the process I'm obligated to share that with the older songs, as well. It could be anything from tweaking the arrangement, to singing to re-recording or rewriting a piece of music.
Nothing is sweeter then breathing new life into an older song.

Hey Tom
Thanks for stopping by. I'm so happy you liked the song.
Very, very well done. No "nits" from the north. Truly enjoyed it.

Thanks for taking a listen Doug.

Thrilled you liked it.

Love it and that ending..gave me chills...I love your voice, I think you are doing wonderfully!!


I can't really put my finger on it, but whatever you do captures me as a listener. I like this song a lot as I do most of your others. You once again have a unique style and vocal and I like the placement of the background vocals on this one. As someone mentioned above, the percussion somewhere through the middle doesn't seem to move well with the song so that caught my ear each time I listened. I like the idea, but the timing doesn't feel right or something. You are such a talent Nelson. Thanks for posting your music.
Hey thanks Tammy.

I see are really cutting loose.

Singing duets, put your lyrics to music and now a out world!
Now the fun really begins darlin... Congrats and Good Luck.

I look forward to it all.
Neslson, this is BEAUTIFUL! You have a great voice, love the keys, love the lyric...consider me a fan! smile
Hey Tracy
Thanks for your time and helpful comments, once again.

I redid the percussion after the first round of comments and for the life of me I can't find any timing issues, with them. It may just be the wrong choice of percussion or maybe where they sit in the mix...Hell I don't know.

I'll try to address it on the next round of rewrites or if I ever get a band together to record it.

Thanks again.

Listening again this morning and I did hear something a little off. Well how bout that. smile
Hey Polly

Thanks for taking the time.

U R 2 Kind.

I accidentally listened to the first song "Walk With Me" then realized it wasn't "Blue Sky"

After hearing Blue Sky I just let your sings play as they were very warm and welcoming. Reading your bio it seems top me you have accomplished what you set out to do. Not only is very honest and sincere but your very "musical" as well. So many pleasant going on in your songs starting with the feel...

With all that is there and being able to hear & see into your music I wouldn't even comment on little production or performance things that are so irrelevant to the bigger picture your painting. Besides I know what it's like to sit there alone trying to make an entire song come to life and trying to not let your equipment ruin the whole vibe smile or worse yet make you pout it away.

Nice stuff man really.... You remind me of someone who would have someone else doing one of your songs. Then I find out you have a version and I go "You know I kinda like Nelson's original version a bit better, it's just more sincere and heartfelt"
Regardless of how good Al Jarreau sang it smile

All the best
Thanks Tammy
Always a plus to get your approval on a piece.


I hear that all the time, I grateful it's not the other way around.
Nelson, I don't know what it is about your music but I just don't like it. grin
I'll try to take care of those pesky percussion, on the next round.

Thanks for talking the time to listen and comment.

I was the king of punting. If it didn't come out right immediately...punt. Witch was all the time. But now It's just as easy to save it away for another day.

I have so much to learn about production and I'm new to performing, as well. I'm using the same guitar, keyboard and recorder I started with.

It really means a lot when a pro like yourself has such kind words and recognizes the hard work.
I find it really rewarding when the soul of a song shines through despite my limited technical abilities.

So thanks again

Hey Nelson

I took a listen to this song and to your song "Open Up".

I concluded you have a powerful and expressive voice - it can be strong and sensitive. Your lyrics and music complement that voice.

Thanks for posting so I could hear these.

Can't believe I missed this tune. This was really wonderfully written, I especially enjoyed the lyrics. How often, indeed, does love "knock on the door"?
Mr. Nelson,
I like your attitude and the results. This song is wonderful.

Shiny side up,
I think you you listened to "Open Up" instead of "Blue Sky".
I'm grateful you took the time to listen and enjoyed it never the less. I afraid love doesn't knock too often so have my ear glued to the door. smile

Thanks for your time. Glad you enjoyed it.
I'm new to all of this so I'm still trying whip these vocal chords into shape. My abilities are still rather limited so I try to keep it simple and straight from the heart... no frills.

Thanks John
Shiny side up... indeed.
Nelson what a great song. Someone with a lesser voice would have spoilt it, but you have a wonderful voice that is full of feeling.

I wonder if you ever do collaborations.

Again beutiful song.

God Bless Roy and Helen
Hi Nelson,

Well everyone has already said but but I'll say it again, it's wonderful! I'm very glad I saw this and listened! smile


Flat out super, man I love the whole sound and feel of this one. Wow killer good stuff.

KevinP, Dottie and Roy
You folks R 2 kind.

Not quite ready to try collabs just yet.
I'm awful busy trying to finish a project and get a better handle on my songwriting and vocals.
I'm easily distracted. crazy

Hey Nelson,
really nice,
like the mellow grove.
very nice, peaceful, relaxing.
enjoyed it very much.
love the back and forth between guitar and piano.
Hi Nelson,

This is a wonderful song….I really like the lyric....and the ideas you combine…..some great lines there. And the mix of instruments is a great compliment to it as the story is told…very intricate and interesting….

I like the harmonies too!

Well done!

Sharla and Kristi

Thanks for taking the time to listen and comment.

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