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Posted By: Douglas Murphy Surreal - 08/16/22 12:01 PM
Inspired by the title of an assignment.


Floating, falling,
running, crawling.
Feet solid on the ground.

Laughing, crying,
living, dying.
The empty, silence of sound.
Trusting, spying,
truthful, lying.
Smiles hidden by frowns.


Peaceful, brawling,
lazy, hauling.
Lost one's self, then found.
Stable, sliding,
existing, hiding.
Familiar and yet eerie sounds.

Earnest, joking,
clear skies, choking.
Feelings drove underground.
Faithful, cheating,
everything repeating.
That's my life homeward bound.


Neurons firing,
dreams hot-wiring.
Creating a landscape in my mind.
Waking, shaking,
a prison of my own making.
Trying to break those chains that bind.

Copyright 2022 by Douglas Murphy
Posted By: Gavin Sinclair Re: Surreal - 08/17/22 01:36 PM
I like this a lot. The way that the lyric is constructed with each pair of things mentioned makes you want to hear the next line. The melody is haunting and esoteric but still somehow makes you want to sing along, or at least hum smile I also like the melodic differences between A and B verse.

I can't help feeling it's crying out for a chorus after the B verses.
Posted By: JAPOV Re: Surreal - 08/18/22 12:42 PM
Sounds like something you'd hear in a David Lynch movie smile
Posted By: Douglas Murphy Re: Surreal - 08/18/22 11:29 PM
Thank you GS and JAPOV. Happy you chimed in. smile
Posted By: MFB III Re: Surreal - 08/19/22 04:25 AM
Wow, Douglas you went and got deeply profound on this one and poetic. You give the listeners much to think about with your linls of life that bind you. We all have chains and i loved your expose on your own.
Posted By: E Swartz Re: Surreal - 08/19/22 06:58 PM
Hi Douglas,

Well this is certainly surreal..............I really like the vibe and the paradoxial lines. I'm still not sure what your theme is however--but then with sureal art, I guess it doesn't necessarily need to be or be obvious!

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