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Melancholy Blues.

Posted By: MFB III

Melancholy Blues. - 05/10/21 05:45 PM

Life is a burglar,
endlessly breaking into
wombs unprotected,
an almost impregnable
fortress of flesh.

Slipping up the alleys,
while leaving their accomplices
to fall, far behind.
breaching the nest eggs,
where treasures await,
sustenance for nine months,
great futures of promise.
Life is a burgular.....

Birth’s a pardon,
clean slates for all
the first gasp of breath,
brings worlds full of pickings.
years spent procuring,
a wealth of possessions,
through honest hard work,
or by means truly shameful.

And in between
all this philosophical crap
Love comes to steal your heart
many times in your life
bringing you your man or your wife
and sweet joy beyond imagining

But even love can become a trap
leaving you to face the rap
of alimony and all the baloney
of broken hearts and vows
leaving you with the saddest of blues
as you become one again
chasing new love in a circle
that never seems to end.

Life is full of one’s
One single spermatozoa
breaks through membranes
of a fertilized egg,
one chance out of the millions,
life is formed,
joined by a cord to another
till it is severed
and they become one again.

Screaming their way
from womb to the world,
Is it prophetic that we
must start as one,
and often end as one,
life is full of so many ones,

They sit at bars
sipping black velvet
to anesthetize
their lives
to cover their eyes
in hazes of apathy,
They go home alone
one staggered step
at a time,
to dream of what
once was two
yet still
they wake alone,
as one.

Be kind to
every one you meet,
someday you might
share their fate,
of knowing no one to
commiserate with.
No one at all to
commiserate with

and Death is a pawn shop,
where your life is exchanged,
battered and weary,
and each judged to be,
worthless or worthy
and many will gain
Heavenly riches,
while others get
paid back in
most woeful ways

These are my
Melancholy Blues
Something to learn from
for all of your days....

Life can bring
you happiness
but far too often
it makes you pay.

Amazing Blues brilliantly
Composed & played by-Sepe-©-2021
Vocals & Lyrics Sung & Written by
Matthew F. Blowers III-©-2021
Art~Whimsically Yours Studio

The Blues come in so many forms all starting with one,
Posted By: Travis david

Re: Melancholy Blues. - 05/11/21 10:34 AM

Hi Matt
Had me thinkingof the much lamented Frank Zappa here.
A good song, enjoyed the trip
Posted By: MFB III

Re: Melancholy Blues. - 05/11/21 04:01 PM

Hey Travis Thanks so much for the comparision to the great Zappa. Sepe is on hell of oa great Jazz & Blues Creator. he Deserves more the Half the credit for ths song. I am so glad you enjoyed the trip. Thanks again-Matt
Posted By: TC Perkins

Re: Melancholy Blues. - 05/12/21 02:37 AM

Pretty cool Zapp-ish kinda blues tune.

The lyrics are the best part of this tune. I was not a fan of the lead guitar stepping on the vocals all through the song. I also think the vocals need some leveling in the mix - they really jump out to bite you sometimes (if this was intended then disregard).

Liked the song; hated the production.

Honest as Always,
Posted By: MFB III

Re: Melancholy Blues. - 05/15/21 02:57 AM

Hey TC thanks for your comment and critique. The song is still in process. but at least i got you on the lyrics, that's a start.
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