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Posted By: MFB III When You.....? - 05/09/21 02:43 AM

“When You…..?”

When you decide to kiss me
and stop acting like you don’t miss me
which is not your real intent
cause you know it’s time that you relent
it will be a huge event
it will be some time well spent
when our lips they come to grips
with no more stand-offish tricks
Baby you will be surprised
I’ve got lips that you will savor
you will quiver and you’ll quaver
you’ll forget all those you dated
and your heart will be elated
sharing everything you’ve dreamt
my kiss will be like love’s cement
and nothing ever will prevent
your kissing me again and again
it’s just a matter of when?
when you stop being just a friend
when you feel my arms around you
being closer will astound you
you’ll be so damned glad I found you
and that I took so long to hound you
into giving me a chance
for the joy of sweet romance
I will worship you …My Goddess
only giving you the hottest
love you’ve ever known
let my lap become your throne
from your lips done to your toes
I will eagerly bestow
gentle kisses sweet and slow
sharing pleasures that will flow
into endless afterglows!!
when you decide to set aside
all of your fears of commitment
Baby, I got loves equipment
that’s much more than just sufficient
and faithfully consistent

Soon that you will know
you are the only girl I’ll love
you are the one I’m dreaming of
so please let your doubts go
and let our love so sweetly grow
into love forever more.
when you decide
to be by my side
and gently there abide
with nothing ever denied
why don’t you give it a try
hey baby…..
my feelings never lie
And I wanna be your guy
why don’t ya give it try.
just take a little slide
into the warm pool of my love
the water’s fine
come on in it’ll be alright
I hold you tight
both day night
when you decide
to let our passions
both ignite
let me bring you
some sweet delight…………………….
let me bring you
some sweet delight
let me bring you
some sweet delight baby
maybe it could be tonight.
maybe it could be tonight.
that would be alright for you
and alright for me
we'll share our love
so tenderly and
always let it be
just like we want it to
when you
decide baby
this is my 25th invite
I need to hold you tighht
why don't you come to me baby
it will be all right
it'll be all right baby
I love you so damn much
I'm longing for your touch
I'm longing for your touch
Living without you's
just a crutch

When you decide
to kiss me
your never gonna miss me
Your never gonna miss me.

Incredible Music composed & played
by Colonel D., Denton-©-2021
lyrics & vocals written & sung by
Matthew F. Blowers III--©-2021
Art~Whimsically Yours Studio

Giving in for love and getting it,
Posted By: JAPOV Re: When You.....? - 05/09/21 10:37 PM
Now, THIS is FUN!
I sure wish you were multi-tracking... We could easily work you up a B52's type thing here smile
Posted By: Gavin Sinclair Re: When You.....? - 05/10/21 01:13 AM
As JAPOV says, it's fun and has a catchy groove. However, for me it's too long and repetitive, saying pretty much the same thing again and again with different words. I can't help feeling you could easily cut this in half and have a better song, especially if you stuck a couple of short choruses in there to give it some variety.
Posted By: MFB III Re: When You.....? - 05/10/21 02:38 AM
Hey Japov...Multi-tracking...i am just getting used to multi-grain breads...LOL Colonel Denton lives in the United Kingdom where they don't care that much how long the song is. But Getting a ticket to get to him or him to me during Covid is impossible, even though I am sure he could multi-track. Thanks for your kind words.
Posted By: MFB III Re: When You.....? - 05/10/21 02:40 AM
I will give that some thought Gavin. although rap and hip-hop is endlessly repetitive, and the character in the song is endlessly trying to get her to show some affection. Without much luck for four minutes....Oh, well. I will think about a shorter version with more meaty lyrics and less repetition. Thanks for your comment, It is always appreciated.
Posted By: Gavin Sinclair Re: When You.....? - 05/10/21 06:34 PM
I wouldn't necessarily assume I'm right, although I think I might be here for once smile It's true that a lot of rap is repetitive and your lyric does have a rap feel to it. However, a lot of pop today seems to rap along for a while and then break into a slightly more melodic chorus, then back to the less melodic rap. Of course, that trend might have stopped by the time I reach the end of this sentence.
Posted By: MFB III Re: When You.....? - 05/10/21 08:21 PM
Lol...trends are endless bends in the road of musics pathways to fame, as we run ourselves haggard trying to catch the next one while still pumping out the miles on the last one that was favored. Sometimes it makes me tired. Thanks for your thoughts Gavin, i always welcome them.
Posted By: Travis david Re: When You.....? - 05/11/21 10:28 AM
You always were a wordsmith Matt looking back on your many postings on here over the years.
Well written catchy as JAPOV remarked.
Posted By: MFB III Re: When You.....? - 05/11/21 04:05 PM
Hey Travis, thank you for the honor of wordsmith. Someone above is my muse and it just flows through my mind till it boards the ink Jet that lands it here. I appreciate your thoughts very much. ~Matt
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