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Posted By: MFB III :So Much Left To Do." - 05/06/21 02:15 AM

Great sadness
brings me .....
bitter pills,
as I swallow
and then wallow
in thier overkill.

With so much more
I could have done
and so much left
I've yet begun,
plus all my unwritten
songs that never
will be sung,
and the hearts
I'd cherished
that never will be won.


Kisses that I
failed to share,
and dreams I just
left lying there,
precious hopes
leave me haunted
with despair....

If only I could trade the years,
that I have left to face my fears,
I'd go back to each place in time,
to seize those moments left behind.
to dance with possibilties,
that I once swore could never be,
my visions all at last appeased...
and all my lost dreams....reality.

We only get
four score and ten,
to wander paths
that twist and bend,
until at last
we finally reach that end,
to find that "life"
was our best friend.
Our best friend....

and perhaps upon
the other side,
we'll find all of our longings
left denied,
are waiting there
to be realized,
on Heavens shores,

My time on earth
is shorter then,
all of my failings
way back when,
I guess acceptance is the key
forgiving all I could not be.
there is so much I still can do,
till my soul sails beyond these blues...
beyond these blues...

Music Written & Played, Vocals
and Lyrics Written and Sung by-
ArtWhimsically Yours Studio--2021
Matthew F. Blowers III Productions
Posted By: JAPOV Re: :So Much Left To Do." - 05/06/21 08:52 PM
Still loving that lyrical style Matt! smile

You're really good at finding many different directions to take your music, it seems like you record one line at a time just to make every word fit. I wonder what would happen if you tried an opposite approach... Like, just pick two chords and a rhythm, then see how many different melody variations you can throw at it smile
Posted By: MFB III Re: :So Much Left To Do." - 05/07/21 02:32 AM
It would be a modern form of the Beatles...LOL My writing style is wierd at best, not as extreme as you put it. but with millions of hits and or views, and thousands of faithful listeners who are really into the lyrics, and are fine with the music, how can I change what they all like. But hey I might give it a go and post it here....Thanks for the critique. I guess I have even more to do after all.
Posted By: JAPOV Re: :So Much Left To Do." - 05/07/21 02:44 AM
Lol... Don't think of it as criticism, you're definitely your own niche and an acquired taste. Just consider it an exercise in diversity, I'll bet it still turns out being very much YOU! wink
Posted By: MFB III Re: :So Much Left To Do." - 05/07/21 03:00 AM
Can't break the mold.....God designed it and he put all the little flukes and unique curveballs in there and that's what I get when I open my mouth or strum a git-fiddle. Hey It could be worse, I could have been born as Tiny TIM....LOL
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