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"An Ode To Gatherings And Passages."

Posted By: MFB III

"An Ode To Gatherings And Passages." - 04/10/21 02:43 AM

The Gathering
from a passage in time

Bench-warmers are we
each of our futures on hold,
while the game of life goes on
in a present youthfully blurred,
As we relax on the sidelines,
while all around us people
struggle,and lose,
in a chaotic nation,
of recession and war.

But this sunny day
and our gathering
in a slice of time cherished
chases away all the blues,
we’ve no time for any
..........travelin' shoes,
we are young and free,
just hanging out,
rather then
just hanging in there.

Just friends in blends
of companionship
talking 'bout most anything
Matt brought a guitar
maybe later he’ll sing
as we sit around the fire ring
not bothering yet with
the process of remembering
these moments
that are crystallizing
our youthful ways and days
that will linger
in our memories,
long after we languish,
in wheel-chaired poses
at some distant
nursing homes
gathering eons away.


We are tomorrow
deadlines and
commitments await us
but the calendar
only reads today,
and so we stay
in our cozy little group,
laughing the hours away
on a picnic bench,
just south of what's to come.

If you remember
days like these
after time has brought
you to your knees
by its seniority
the we are asking
you to please

Find yourself........
a quiet room
and quickly chase
away times gloom
by just remembering
all those gatherings
with old friends who
once were young
back when your life
had just begun ....
all those gatherings
slices of time cherished
slices of time cherished

Most Excellent Music Played &
Composed by-Ingvar Tautra-©-2021
Lyrics & Vocals Written and Sung by-
Matthew Frederick Blowers III-©-2021
Art~Whimsically Yours Studio-1/24/2021
Posted By: beechnut79

Re: "An Ode To Gatherings And Passages." - 04/13/21 04:33 PM

Has the feeling of some of the long ago classics prior to the modern musical era. Meant as a social distancing lament?
Posted By: Travis david

Re: "An Ode To Gatherings And Passages." - 04/14/21 08:53 AM

My thoughts too Matt good theme and song
Posted By: MFB III

Re: "An Ode To Gatherings And Passages." - 05/11/21 04:07 PM

Hey Beechnut & Travis, sorry i missed your comments. A socila distancing lament might work well. Thanks for stopping by and listening and then adding your kind comments.-Matt
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