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Posted By: Brian Austin Whitney We're Back!!!! - 07/13/22 06:43 PM

It took nearly 10 months, but we have brought the site back and updated it a bit as well.

Please tell all your friends to come on back!

Posted By: Everett Adams Re: We're Back!!!! - 07/13/22 10:40 PM
Posted By: JAPOV Re: We're Back!!!! - 07/14/22 12:55 AM
Just when I was beginning to think the worst... LOL

Posted By: JAPOV Re: We're Back!!!! - 07/14/22 01:14 AM

Holy Crap! Skynet is alive!
Posted By: Tom Shea Re: We're Back!!!! - 07/14/22 01:48 PM
Me too. I am back. After an absence of toooooo long from the group.
Posted By: Nigel Quin Re: We're Back!!!! - 07/14/22 04:47 PM
That was one helluva lunch break Brian wink
Posted By: Brian Austin Whitney Re: We're Back!!!! - 07/14/22 07:11 PM
The Robots are a good thing. That is indexing for Google and other search engines. Bots = Good. The actual humans online is also good, we just need people to register and get posting! We are back from the brink, so let's appreciate it. Please reach out to anyone you know. Send them a PM and/or actual emails and let them know to come back. I could use all your help!
Posted By: JAPOV Re: We're Back!!!! - 07/14/22 09:32 PM
Folks from the "Junction" will probably be here soon smile
Posted By: Marilyn Oakley Re: We're Back!!!! - 07/14/22 10:41 PM
So nice to have JPF up and going again and to be back. Gotta admit, I did peek in from time to time.
Hope everyone is having a nice summer. 😘
Posted By: lane1777 Re: We're Back!!!! - 07/16/22 08:10 PM
don`t know what you miss till its gone.. Hi Brian, so glad to see you and all back.. Lane
Posted By: John Voorpostel Re: We're Back!!!! - 07/22/22 02:08 AM
Great work and news Brian

Just donated $50 to the cause....reposted from your blog thread to encourage all to help out
Posted By: Perry Neal Crawford Re: We're Back!!!! - 07/23/22 11:30 PM
The withdrawals were hell but now I can get a fi again whenever I need!
Posted By: Guy E. Trepanier Re: We're Back!!!! - 07/26/22 12:19 AM
Way to go!
Me too, I'm back.

Good luck and hope it stays alive for a long long time.
Guy E. Trepanier
Posted By: Brian Austin Whitney Re: We're Back!!!! - 08/04/22 04:45 PM
Thanks guys!

The donations are much appreciated. We usually get 90% of our entire yearly donations in January. So it would really help to start covering the money spent to get back on line plus our normal hosting costs. I also upgraded to the newest version of the board. Next I am going to try and relaunch the website.

I wish we could get back to having live events. If we somehow make it through this enter without new lockdowns, I may try and restart some events.

Stay tuned!

Posted By: Marc Barnette Re: We're Back!!!! - 08/04/22 10:07 PM
Where is the best place to donate?
Posted By: Marc Barnette Re: We're Back!!!! - 08/04/22 10:11 PM
never mind. Got it. Glad you're back. Anytime you'd like to do that interview, let me know.
Posted By: Roy Cooper Re: We're Back!!!! - 09/18/22 07:25 AM
Just when I had given up..

I suppose that I should start writing again

Just made a small donation Brian... Hope that it helps a tad.

God bless to all

Roy and Helen
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